2009 Award WinnersEdit

Best Moment on the Board: APRIL FOOLS 2009

Worst Thread: Hurt and Heal

Best Thread: Naruto Discussion VI

The Best Chew-out: Kuminator vs. The Entire Population of Earth

Best Debate: Get ready for waaaarrrrr~!!

The Funniest Off-Topic Moment: Bad-Beat vs. Taboo: domestic dispute

Best Picture: Out Of Context Nico Robin's Sticky Hand

Best Artwork Mistake: Margaret's Third Leg

Funniest Post: Taboo's Response to Captain Smeckie's Day

Most Random Post: Sanji Lives on My Bathroom Ceiling

Most Memorable: Greg

Most Quotable: Bad-Beat

Most Articulate: Vanessa

Most Dedicated: Greg

Most Original: e1n

Most One Piece Knowledgeable: Greg

Most Perverted: Local-chan

Favorite Mod/Admin: e1n

Most Profound: Wolfwood

Most Indecisive: Zkaiser

Best New Member: Chrissie

Best Debater: Vanessa

Best Researcher: Greg

Smartest Member: Greg

Funniest Member: Robbybedfart

Friendliest Member: Chrissie

Hottest Member- Female Division: Tigerlilly

Hottest Member- Male Division: brennen.exe

Craziest Member: Robbybedfart

Biggest Pimp: dirtmonkey_AL

Greatest Person Ever: Greg

Pirate King of AP: Ivotas

Pirate Queen of AP: Bad-Beat

Best Artist: e1n

Best Writer: kairouseki

Best AMV: "Jango Jackson's Thriller" by Urouge

Best Fanart: "Marchen Time" by e1n

Best Cosplayer- Female Division: Al!naJames

Best Cosplayer- Male Division: ABS Mr. Prince

Best Avatar: Robbybedfart

Best Signature: Bad-Beat

Favorite Tournament Campaign: Share the Urouge

Favorite Tournament Match: Garp vs Crocodile

Favorite Tournament Moment: The Drake Scandal

Best Chapter of One Piece: 000 - Strong World

Best Episode of One Piece: 380 - Binks' Sake - The Song That Connects the Past and Present

Worst Chapter of One Piece: 555 - Oars and Kasa

Worst Episode of One Piece: 428 - The Amigo Pirates' Fierce Attack

One Piece - Best Moment: Bon Kurei faces Magellan alone

One Piece - Worst Moment: Ace hates his real father

Naruto - Best Moment: Raikage bitchslaps Sasuke

Naruto - Worst Moment: Nagato's Resurrection Jutsu

Bleach - Best Moment: Kanpachi and Byakuya team up

Bleach - Worst Moment: Who said the Espada go from 1-10?

Best New Manga of 2009: Beelzebub

Worst New Manga of 2009: Ane Doki

Best New Anime of 2009: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Worst New Anime of 2009: Fairy Tale

Best Newstory of the Year: George Bush leaves office

Worst Newstory of the Year: Swine flu panic

Best Game of the Year: Bat Man: Arkham Asylum

Worst Game of the Year: iCarly

Best Movie of the Year: Up

Worst Movie of the Year: New Moon

Best Book of the Year: Doctor Who: Judgement of the Judoon

Worst Book of the Year: "Twilight: Breaking Dawn" by Stephanie Meyer

Best Television Show of the Year: House

Worst Television Show of the Year: Jonas Brothers

Worst Thing Ever: Twilight