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Welcome to Arlong Park: The Wiki!!

Arlong Park: The Wiki is a collaborative website about Arlong Park, its history, and its members. You can get started on the track to editing today!

The Idea

In the third round discussion thread of the 2010 Tournament, shortly after Robby changed his avatar to a Moria Bobart, he joked that he "stopped being cool after [he] became a mod." 1 Piratemarimo thought otherwise and as a random aside stated how it would be nice to have a thread about the history of Arlong Park forums and several users agreed that it was a good idea. Kitsune Inferno suggested it be called AP Forums Wiki. Piratemarimo then brought it up in the Suggestions Thread and was surprised nobody called it a stupid idea, and Kitsune offered to set up this site you see now. Hopefully we'll figure out how the site works eventually. Someday we hope that this place can blossom into something as good looking as the One Piece Wikia.

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