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BekaDidAct, also known as Beka, is most notably known for being a huge Moria fan and randomly posting a Moria Image under a spoiler tag in threads. Like his model, he is very lazy and has never made a single campaign for Moria in the character tournament. At one point Robby made all of Beka's dreams come true by creating this thread, but alas, such perfection cannot last, and it was shortly closed to prevent favoritism. According to Captain Ugly, Beka represents "The Trial".

Famous quotesEdit

"Moria is always my man of the week and he should always be yours too."

"Who cares about Hancock when we have Moria?"


"Can't we just ditch the whole tournament and announce Moria as the winner?"

"Everybody in Europe loves Moria!"

"You're welcome as long as you love Moria."

"You always post -3 Moria in the Hurt and Heal topic, nobody likes that."

"Sure are many 'I don't like Moria guys here,' I hate those kind of people."

"Moria will be the Pirate King."

Gecko Moria
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