On AP ForumsEdit

Since April 2008, CCC is a generally subdued poster whose favorite haunts are spoiler threads, the OP collectibles thread, and both the silly and serious threads of the General section. His posts are rarely elicit inflamed responses, and as such, he does not appear to have any mortal enemies (or close allies, for that matter). Despite his apparent innocuousness and much to his own surprise, he was upgraded to the rank of Senior Member in July 2009. He has no known alts, although he is known as “Awasai” on several other websites.

CCC is probably best known for and identified with his art thread, in which he posts photos of clay models based on characters from Nintendo games and One Piece. His avatar is a revolving door that reflects those models as well. His 15 minutes of fame (separated into three 5-minute chunks) came when he successfully infiltrated the xenophobic Usopp’s Gallery in volumes 54, 56, and 58 of the One Piece manga by getting photos of his models in under the penname Hizabiza “Kuku" Tarou.

Notable AP member Greg managed to capture this illuminating conversation between CCC and Oda himself, regarding the process by which the former was able to get his art into the manga:

CCC: "Hmmm. I'll make some stuff. Here Oda."

Oda: "Oh thanks CCC. I'll just put you in my comic again. Send me some more m'kay brah."

In Real LifeEdit

CCC is a 21 year old male originally from California (but living in New York since age 4) whose forum username reflects his true initials. The second of his two middle names actually starts with “D” which, upon reflection, would have been much more awesome on a forum about One Piece, but liking alliteration, he decided to go with the C.

He studied Japanese throughout college and will forever be nearing near-fluency (which he used to help provide spoiler translations three times during the summer of 2009). He has visited Japan on two occasions and hopes to live, work, and marry there, following in the footsteps of users such as Greg and Steven D. Teach. He already has something of a criminal record in Japan, and dreams of continuing in that tradition by one day being a bonefied spoiler provider.

Nowadays, he's translating for realsies alongside Stephen. Ganbatte, CCC-kun!