Mural Bush Man

Captain Hypersock's current avatar.

Captain Hypersock (キャプテンハイパーソック, Kyaputen Haipasokku) is a member of Arlong Park as well as Vic Mignogna’s Captain (not like that.) He joined Arlong Park on August 26th, 2008. There was no rejoicing whatsoever. To this day, his intro topic, "From climates hot and scalding, the Captain has arrived!" remains with 0 posts. Despite this unnoticed entrance, he has found marginally average success on the board, helping people here and there, generally ignoring those trying to get a rise out of him, and dishing out lulz to those who ask for it.

Discovery of One PieceEdit

Captain Hypersock was first introduced to One Piece via 4Kids on a Saturday morning block. He found himself utterly confused by it and ultimately driven away from it due to its opening theme, which sounded less pleasant than twenty barrels full of horny cicadas. A few years later, however, he started watching the 4Kids dub online, where he was able to see past the terrible music, terrible acting, and terrible terribleness and discover a rather fascinating tale of rubber and rudder. However, he was confused by this show: there was something good lying underneath the water guns, the silly accents, and the childish dialogue. So the Captain started digging into the manga releases and found out how the anime had been butchered compared to the original story. So he vowed to drop the anime and devote himself full-time to the One Piece manga.

Then 4Kids dropped the anime license. With FUNimation swooping in to pick up the rights and giving the series a proper dub, the Captain decided to see what FUNi had done to the series. One episode of FUNi Piece later and Hypersock was hooked.

Around Arlong ParkEdit

As one of the lesser known members of Arlong Park, Captain Hypersock is currently not part of any of the Arlong Park lore. He doesn’t often get into debates, but will occasionally join a discussion if it is relevant to his interests. He also has the habit of frequently switching his avatar, either when the mood strikes him, when he finds a better picture, or when he's threatened to do it by a Velociraptor-wielding penguin.

The Captain does not share the common character hate that others on the board do. He finds nothing wrong with Vivi, though he has stated that he will not invite her to go with him to Pirate Summit. He also likes Moria, though not as much as BekaDidAct.

Captain Hypersock does have the distinction of being Vic Mignogna's Captain (NOT like that.) On episode seventy three of the Unofficial One Piece Podcast, "Fullmetal Podcast," Vic Mignogna answered a question of the Captain's and remarked on how awesome his name was, saying, "He could be the captain of MY vessel anyday! ...Not like that!" To this day, it is still not like that.

Quotes from the CaptainEdit


"We'll cross that hashi when we get to it."

“It would have been cooler if Duke Nukem was the priest instead of Satori. Then Luffy, Sanji, and Usopp could face the "Ordeal of Balls of Steel."

Luffy vs. Ace. Somebody do a pic of Luffy punching Ace through the chest and then crying about it.”

“[insert facepalm.jpg of your choice here]”

“Dadan can beat them all with her womanly wiles.”

“Stop poking Krillin in the face. What did he do to you.”