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Waitress Ugly avatar

"Resident Librarian of AP"

At the beginning, Captain Ugly used to access the AP Forums only to read the OP spoilers, but in 2010, he decided to actually post in threads, especially in the One Piece character popularity contests and in the AP awards.

As time passed, he decided to post in other threads, and there he learned to like the AP community.

In the end of 2010, while in a trip, he had a great idea: to make a quiz game in his sig, since then the game is a huge success among the forums and a lot of members played them, the last versions even had actual prizes for the winners.

When he finally graduated in librarianship, he started to work in differents types of libraries, liking every new experience and posting in the "How was your day thread".  He also likes to play his accordion, learning new songs whenever he has free time.

He often go to cultural events like live concerts.

He also post in the League of Legends thread, always with news of the game and in the  Random News Article Discussion, with important news from Brazil.

He tries to post in every thread, but he thinks that his posts wont add nothing to the discussion.

Cirno and Mawile are really important to him.

Where you can find Captain Ugly in the AP forums:

General Discussion.

Media: Video Game.

Creativity Forum: Other.

Random News Article Discussion.

Waitress Ugly is currently sealed in the Starbucks of AP (6th hell of AP) and will return if the chosen one arrives.