The Fake Griffin Prank is the most notorious incident in all AP history which sets off on March the 30th. it was known for a massive bannings and hiding one board, making many people think that the site was hijacked but most of them did not realize many give a ways that points to the fact that Griffin was osrochested by the staffs. The idea however was very cliched.

The BeginningEdit

After the prank in 2006 where Ocean and Battle Franky was supposily taken in for qestioning about the manga downloads and e1n making a grim annoucement about the possibility that the board was the be shut down, also taking place on March 30th. After the prank was finished, RoboBlue sets up an plan for the next years prank. Carly came up with the idea to create a fake Admin account, Ginny decided to name the account Griffin after her pet bird, Taboo suggested a random banning, Suna came up with the idea to create a board called "GrIfFiN's PlAcE!!!!" and hiding one board. They decided that his personally was to be an immature poster. On June, they created the Griffin account. Whatever Griffin post anything, the staff would act as they know him for a long time, most of Griffin's posts were immature. Carly would post as Griffin to say that the real spoiler is fake or the fake spoiler is real. Near April, it was time to come up with a new fourm skin, Jonas and the rest of the staff with some help from other members started working on it. As a part of the planned prank, Ocean credited Giffin for coming up with the idea and helped created it.


When Griffin gained admin status a number of members were shocked at him going from the lowest rank to the highest rank, overnight. At this point, people accepted it as an unexpected action by the mods and continued on. One member PM Griffin, asking how did he do it. His reponse was "12"

The PrankEdit


With his new admin abilities Griffin banned all members of the staff because he felt they were to boring and strict. The only staff member he left, other than himself, was Battle Franky He justified keeping Battle Franky by saying he appreciated the spoilers he provided. Along with the forum staff, Griffin banned a number of well known members of the forum. He claimed to have banned them because they did not like the forum skin he had created or they spoke out against the banning of other members.


A number of people immediately believed it to be an early April Fool's Day joke. There was a small amount of friendly discussion between both sides.


Eventually hate for Griffin became so large that he could no longer continue banning people that spoke out against him and he simply ignored them. He created a thread for people to praise him, however, in less than 24 hours nearly 23 pages were filled with people expressing their dislike for Griffin. Some people went so far as to taunt him, requesting that he go ahead and ban them, not wishing to stay on a forum run by him.


It wasn't all hate though. At one point a member complimented Griffin's new skin. In response to this Griffin said he liked the member and he would consider promoting them. This lead to a number members praising him in hopes that they would receive a promotion. Also, some members who disliked the former staff were pleased that they could now run free on the forums without any foreseeable repercussions.

Semi-Return of the StaffEdit

A number of the banned staff members created alternate accounts in order to come back to the forum and fix the mess. Ocean came back and made a thread to teach members how to return after being banned and to collect the email addresses of banned members in order to teach them. He also assured people that the server guy would return the right people to power and that order could be restored. An alternate account of Carly also reported that it would take over a day for everything to be sorted out.


Contact with the staff led to a number of mixed feelings among the remaining forum members. Among the people who did not believe this was a prank, some people felt relief that the mods had a plan to take the forum back. This fueled some member's hate for Griffin, insisting that he should receive a permanent subnet ban. This also drew a number of people to believe this was simply a prank, citing the fact that no mod would offer a clear answer when asked if everything was an elaborate prank. In that camp, some claimed to have lost respect for the staff. Others simply thought the joke was getting old.

Other ChangesEdit

A list of other changes put in place throughout Griffin's reign, in no particular order.

  • Deletion of a number of sub-forums such as the help forum
  • Removal of the 16 character post minimum
  • Double posting, spamming, trolling and other such activities were not longer against the rules
  • His forum skin was the only option
  • Shorter wait times between searches
  • The creation of a sub-forum dedicated to him, titled "GrIfFiN's PlAcE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Soon after, the staff revealed that everything that had taken place had been part of an April Fool's Day prank that they had organized. The revelation caused brought forth a number of mixed emotions to the prank. Some believed it was wrong of the mods to ban people simply to make a joke. Despite any negative outcry back then, nowadays it is arguably considered AP's most recognized and notorious prank, any nay-sayers have seemingly either left, had a change of heart or quieted down. This comes from the sheer vastness the prank had, sturring up nearly every member.

To this day Griffin's sub-forum still exists in the archives sub-forum as a sub-sub-forum. Like all parts of the archive it is currently locked, the latest post being in the "count to 1000" thread, posted on March 30, 2007.

Some members who attempted to be a hero of the board felt ripped off and would go into an angry rent. this prank left a mark on Joekido. his actions of listing Griffin's crimes and and listing what Griffin should be doing and bashing another member for falling for prank costed him. His actions inspires The Dude to create 'Joekido the Third' for the next year's prank and inspires Captain Carter to use Joekido's face picture as his NPC forum icon. AWB on the other hand tried to be gay with Griffin in order to scare him off but was unsuccessful. this would also cost him. On the same April 2007, AWB made an annoucement that his mom died and started making posts about his days such as nearly getting hit by a car or having a dream of his dead mom. And later he would start talking about his crush with a manga character. Some members were angry but would settle down after a while and would now just laugh it off.

Cyber-Robin, an alternate account given to a banned member, Local-Chan, is currently in use.

The staff continues to organize organize yearly pranks, though on a much smaller scale.

The sixteen character limited and reguar wait times between searches were re-implemented. The sub-forums which given hid were once again made visible.