Foxy The Silver Fox (A.K.A. Foxy, Sexy Foxy, or Toucan) is one of the most disliked members in Arlong Park history.

His original account "Foxy The Silver Fox" was banned during the April Fools 2013 event. He then rejoined as "Sexy Foxy" and most recently returned under the psuedonym "Toucan."


Foxy has a quick temper and will thoughtlessly insult and degrade anyone who disagrees with him.

He will quickly point out anyone who breaks the forum rules, which is ironic considering his own disregard for the rules. This has earned him a reputation of hypocrisy and underhandedness.

He seems to be at least well versed in history and mythology as he created the "Mythology Thread."

Reasons for FameEdit

1. Foxy vs. Zachri: He got into quite an argument with Zachri over the treatment of emo kids. He initially made a rude comment about emos, and took it back, but then continued with a barrage of insults towards emos.

2. Foxy vs. Christianity: He went on a tirade about his dislike for Christianity.

3. Foxy vs. Smudger: This wasn't too pretty.

4. Convinced himself there was only one Admiral after the time-skip: This event gave him immense notoriety and was what solidified him as one of the most disliked members of Arlong Park History. This was where his classic "Pulling out the rules" moment occured.