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Freedom is a cat who moderates the Arlong Park forums in his sparte time. He is a no nonsense mod who only has patience...for his patients. He identifies himself as the Aokiji of the three new mods. So unlike his his peer RobbyBevard, Freedom became ice cool. According to Captain Ugly, Freedom represents "The Pope".

Real WorldEdit

Freedom is a seven-year-old cat - that's 32 in dog years. He wasn't always like that, though; when he was first born he was only one year old. At an early age Freedom took an interest in headphones and a hate for all music. This has led to a common misconception, "Freedom likes his music". However, this is a lie. Freedom is responsible for the deaths of Elvis, Tupac, Biggie and Michael Jackson. He is currently wanted for the attempted murder of his brother, Keyboard Cat. He also loves salsa music and Latin jazz.