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According to RobbyBevard, Greg is one of the smartest and funniest members in the forum who spends his time educating other members. Coincidentally, he is also a teacher in real life. He appears to have strong feelings for posters robbybedfart, and Gekko135 who are with him in the extremely exclusive club 'Posters of Excellence Whose User Names Begin with "G" or "R" '. He once had such feelings for brennen.exe, until the Admin broke his heart. His archnemeses are ocean and ooshi78. His hero and 'akogare no hito' is Stephen, whose name alone makes him very (very) happy all over.

According to Captain Ugly, Greg represents "The World".


Possibly the most meticulous One Piece fan around - and surely its harshest critic -, frequent contributor of the podcast, and bringer of news from Jump Festa, Greg is known for even being able to count the strands of hair Luffy has. He created a website named to provide information about Japanese culture and some manga, One Piece mainly, which is meticulously detailed. The truth is most of the information about Oda is made up by Shueisha, with whom Greg co-operated, to cover his crime.

Greg is passionate about being exposed to One Piece in the form its creator intended, in the actual magazine on paper, and usually avoids spoilers to the best of his ability, but he has checked spoilers at least twice on record. If you want to know Oda's shoe size, ask him. Rumors say that he has not been able to sleep for years because the sand art he continues to send to Usopp's Gallery continue to be ignored by Oda.

Greg once mentioned that Akaboshi- Ibun Suikoden had cool art, and this was taken out of context by other posters to mean it was his new favorite series.

Greg currently has the largest collection of Pandaman sightings in the world.

Greg will never be a mod.

Greg actively pursues the approval of ZKaiser but will never receive it. ZKaiser is the end of his rainbow.

It is a little known fact that albeit a brief spat that grew from Greg misunderstanding the origin of the 'Weeaboo' meme, Greg and Cap'n Carter were good chums that even communicated via AIM despite being mostly out of contact since the advent of NPC.

Real world[]

In his middle school and high school years Greg maintained the popular Dragon Ball Z-centered website 'The Ultimate DBZ Information Site'. Although he looks back fondly on the experience of solo-maintaining a site that at the height of its popularity reached well over 1,000 accesses per day back when the Internet was still young, it remains something that he created when he was both naivete and inexperienced in professionalism. He is grateful that it led to his working for The Beckett DBZ Collector, an unofficial Dragon Ball-centered monthly magazine that was sold around the world. He takes great pride in knowing that his greatest rival in those days (Brian R.) is now a balding librarian in Maryland while Greg is living his dream.

Greg is currently an English teacher living in Japan with his wife. His proposal and wedding, according to those who have seen his [proposal on YouTube], was incredible, cost a small fortune in yen and put all other men to shame.

Greg displays endless love for the movies "Hook" and "Fish Story," and the television series "Lost."

Greg has met Kazuki Yao, the seiyuu for Jango, Mr. 2, and Franky on the streets of Japan. Greg was of course, wearing a One Piece shirt at the time, but did not bother the man, for he was getting his mack on at the time.

Greg made direct eye contact with Oda himself at JUMP Festa 2007 when he held up an 'I *heart OP' sign at the end of the One Piece Stage event.