Joekido the Second is a Mexican dude living somewhere on the front range of Colorado between Pueblo and Denver.

He is not very popular, mostly due to his odd humor and strange behavior pattern. He was viewed as an attention-begger by many members. He is known for his 4th grade writing style and lack of strong words to save himself from embarrassment. His debate skills are often up and down. His usual posts are two sentences long, and he never bothers to put much thought into expanding the debate. He often says stupid things that lures people like Zephos, Alrich and Captain Carter to trash him. However, Joekido steadfastly refuses to give up and is determined to get smart and popular. He would often get cocky with other members, which got him banned recently.

He orginally joined APforums temporarily to find out if Usopp was going to rejoin the SH crew. Because all he got was a bunch of "maybes" he was forced to become an permanent member. In his early years, he was quite, whiny, and bossy. But after the NPC incident he attempted to toughen up but his "tough" nature was too weak and comedic. None of his topics are noteworthy.

He posed a picture of himself and expected everyone to admire him but his picture became a mocking icon for NPC and became despressed. And because of his blow-ups, he was nicknamed as an Orge.

Joekido is struggling to be a good poster and will not stop until his public image improve. Now that he has been banned, will he be able to become a good poster when he comes back?

All in all, Joe's biggest weakness is that he has yet to evaluate why he cares that much what his standing in a kids' comic book forum is.


In 2004, Joekido was looking for some One Piece website. He found Arlong Park. Before October was up he signed in as just "Joekido". He did not become "Joekido the Second" until Feburary 2005 when Arlong Park mysteriously disappeared and was forced to enter stage 4. Later in November, 2005 he became an editor of Arlong Park wiki (not this wikia) but his rank was revoked in Aug 2006; This would lead him to become an One Piece Wikia editor.


Joekiddo dislikes being viewed as creepy and instead prefers people to express genuine interest in him.

His writing skills are horrible, and he refuses to answer questions about it out of fear that other forum-goers will just laugh it off and post funny pictures to mock it. Despite this, Joekiddo can be very cocky at times.

In general, Joe has a strong desire for high places and the privilege to be "in" with the crowds of cool guys.

Real LifeEdit

Joe prefers not to talk about his personal life in any great detail.

However, his interests include rabbits, video games, writing, drawing, studying and listening to music.

As for food and drink, he likes Mountain Dew and is fond of fast food.