A long standing member of the AP forums. He is easily recognised by his love for the pairing of Nico Robin and Tony Tony Chopper and his numerous attempts to fit mentions of this pairing into any conversation. He is also the winner of the 2009 Arlong Park awards for 'Most Perverted Member'.


Local-Chan joined under the user-name 1...2 Jango in September 2005 after being brought over by his good friend 'Paulie' where he slowly made his presence known by being an over-the-top Robin fanboy. He began to lurk in the Introduction threads, welcoming other new members with the statement 'Welcome to Arlong Park. You'll NEVER leave.' while offering them a gift in the form of 'The Special Stuff', which is something so complicated that nobody knows just what it is even up to this day.

At this point in time it is also to be noted that Local hated the pairing of Robin with Chopper, calling it stupid.

Special StuffEdit

Local-Chan rose to the public eye over a short story he wrote about how he was a cannibal and had eaten the character Nico Robin, although he stated that even that wasn't as bad as the 'Special Stuff.' He was later briefly awarded the title of 'THAT Robin fanboy.' after claiming the rest of the users were too addicted.

Many attempts to find out just WHAT the Special Stuff is has ended in futility. Whenever the question was asked some users simply replied with 'Jango knows but won't tell.'

Other ideas of what the Special Stuff may have been include

  • Dead Bodies chopped up
  • Bits of Nico Robin (later debunked by Local as he declared that he would keep Robin for himself)
  • Cocaine
  • Poisoned Chopper
  • Poison Apples

and many more.

A few years later, Local finally answered the question and said that it's probably whatever you hate the most. He also jokingly said, 'Probably RoCho porn.'

The Special Stuff joke was retired when other people started handing out their own 'things' in introduction posts and the mods ruled it all to be 'pointless and unwelcoming.'


1 2 Jango was one of the first members to be banned in the Griffin wars and later returned under an alias 'Cyber-Robin' once it was realised that the whole thing was a joke. He was also the reason why some members such as Paulie and Pirateneko were also banned during the scene. It was later stated that the mods wanted select known users to be banned and then contacted.

Local was then told he was allowed to keep the extra account as an apology. He later used the Cyber-Robin account when he was banned three years later, in 2010.


Later Local changed his name to 'Local-Chan' after complaining that he didn't like the idea of pairing Jango with Robin. He also stated he wanted something more vague that rolled off the tongue.

Many people asked why he chose that name, to which Local replied with a range of answers such as him having always wanted to be Local to everywhere' or that it was from a TV show. Later it was revealed that he got the idea from the League Of Gentlemen, where he also got the idea for the 'Special Stuff'.

The name Local-Chan became a source of bafflement to some members. Many assumed that Local was a girl. Local stated that he was just Local and that his gender didn't matter. Later, he revealed that he was in fact a man. It was later stated that most users thought Local was a girl because he liked Chopper.


Sometime in 2007, Local started to like and promote the pairing of Robin and Chopper. This became something of an obsession and he mentioned that there needed to be a pairing to take away attention from the others. Using the couples thread and a series of fanart and fanfics, he successfully managed to wiggle the pairing into public attention.

Over the course of the years he continued to pimp out the pairing, gaining some followers and befriending new people. On other forums some people stated that thanks to Local-Chan the pairing was a lot more popular and in the 'public's eye'.

Local stated he does not like Bestiality or Shota and doesn't like it as an excuse to pair Chopper. He stated that he just liked how cute the pairing is. He stated he prefers to pair them romantically but doesn't mind porn of them. He stated that it's because Chopper is human he deserves to be paired. He also stated that the pairing of Robin with Chopper was similar to that of 'Beauty and the Beast.' due to Chopper being a Beast in a fairytale castle while Robin was a beautiful woman who loves books.

Due to Local's rabid obsession with the pairing many people began to find him annoying or a jerk, while others simply laughed it off with the line 'Oh. Local'.

In 2010, Local-Chan was banned after excessive RoCho and announcing he wouldn't mind seeing them have sex in the manga.

He was later given one final chance from the mods. He said that he wouldn't talk about RoCho again unless it was due to special circumstances , such as talking about figures in the collectables thread. He then 'Regenerated' into Cyber-Robin, the account he had been allowed to keep years ago during the Griffin incident.

Other StuffEdit

Local is a huge fan of Doctor Who, as is evident by some of his posts.

Local won the Most Perverted Award in 2009. According to some forum goers, he should be given the same award this year as well for being banned due to perversion.

The username Cyber-Robin is not only used as a reference to the Cybermen and Nico Robin, it also coincides with the pairing he mentioned his hate for.

Local joined in 2005 and ended in 2010. David Tennant was the Doctor in 2005 till Jan 1st 2010. At one point, Local had declared that David Tennant was like a hero to him.

Local's favourite characters are Robin, Chopper, Hina, Miss Valentine, Sadi-Chan and Domino. He also likes a lot of other characters. He once stated that he'd vote Robin over anything.

Local and AWB have gotten into many fights.

Local stated that he will take 'care' of the Best Book award in 2009 after 'Judgement of the Judoon' won. He stated it was a win for RoCho (Judoon are well known for saying RoCho during their rhyming sentences) and that he was probably the only one who had read the damn book.

Local was 'in' on the Luffyko April Fools day prank.

Local states that he has 'converted' many people into liking RoCho. Whether this is true or not is yet unknown. The term conversion seems to come from Doctor Who's Cybermen.