A Mafia game is a famous Internet game that is usually played on IRC Channels or on Forums (such as MafiaScum), it is also played outside of the internet, although it is, for the most part, much less complicated.

How it worksEdit

In a Mafia game, you are either a Townie, a Mafioso or a Third Party.

As a Townie, your objective is to kill all threats to the town, you do so by using your biggest advantage: the majority. The Town is always the majority of the game, but the problem is that the townies don't know who the other townies are, and thus they have to be careful not to lynch one of them. Townies can have some abilities, the most usual of them being:

  • Cop, can investigate one person per night and find out if he's good or bad
  • Doctor, can protect one person per night from a kill

As a Mafia, your objective is to kill everyone else in the game, you automatically do so by having the same number of Mafiosos as the rest of the population. you should use your big advantage to win the game: Coordination and Information. You are the most well informed party, you know who's Mafia and who isn't, you can communicate with your Mafioso partners and you can blend in as a Townie to lynch innocents, you can also kill one person per night.

As a Third Party, you don't have either advantage, you don't have the information and you aren't the majority, you do, however, have specific objectives to win the game, some famous examples of Third Parties are:

  • Cults, in which the leader of the cult can recruit one person per night, the objective of the cult is to be the majority
  • Jesters, that win the game by being lynched
  • Serial Killers, that win the game by killing everyone else, much like a Mafia, but only one man
  • Survivor, that win the game by surviving until the end of the game, regardless of who wins.

The game is divided in two phases, the day and the night, at day, people talk amongst themselves and try to decide someone to lynch.

And the night, which happens after the lynch or a certain ammount of time, in this phase, PM's are sent to the moderator of the game with the target for the ability specific to each person. After all PM's are sent, the Moderator saves all results, sends back PM's in case the ability requires the Moderator to do so, and then its Day again.

The game ends when either the Town wins, the Mafia wins or some specific Third Parties (such as cults) win.

On Arlong Park ForumsEdit

SGRaaize first thought of the idea of a One Piece themed Mafia Game in July 2010, and decided to make a post to check if anyone would be interested. Some had curiosity and thus the first game was built.

Due to the short amount of players, the game didn't last long, but it was sweet, entertaining and had a amazing finish with Maki707 and Cyber-Robin eliminating the two remaining Mafiosos one mere round before death.

SGRaaize then organized a second game, which had a lot more members interested, probably from watching the first game, however, SGRaaize got banned and someone else had to organize it, Kitsune_Inferno offered himself and the second game was built.

As of now, there are only two moderators of Mafia games on Arlong Park Forums: SGRaaize and Kitsune_Inferno,

While SGRaaize is the quiet watching moderator, Kitsune_Inferno is a moderator which gives clues in the write-ups as to test them mentally and further helping or tricking them, both of the styles are famous styles amongst the Mafia Community, although there are plenty of debates about whatever type of moderation is better.

At first, the games were supposed to be a closed 100% pre-planned setup, in which the Moderator would think of the characters and the abilities, would balance them out and would send them out randomly to each member, however, due to some complaints, a closed unpredictable setup was chosen instead, where everyone would send a PM to the moderator with the character they wanted, and the roles would be randomized among the characters to be a balanced game.

Thanks to this game,Kitsune made another game called Survivor


Mafia I (Organized by SGRaaize)[Finished]:

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Mafia V (Organized by Harvady Alumnus)[Finished]: [

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Sixth Mafia Game (Organized by Kitsune Inferno)[Ongoing]: