Metteminne is a guy from Belgium who is said to be one off the biggest fans of Buggy. He also uncovered the mystery behind Iceborg's growing extra things.

Real life:Edit

Metteminne was born to some very cool parents. He and his dad collected the series, Dragonball until the end. His father even made a painting of it. They are also collecting all of Urasawi's manga and love Death Note. Thanks to this, they both sit like L. But Metteminne went further and bought One Piece. It also seems that his great-grandfather said the same last words as Dr. Hiriluk,


On the forum, he is most famous for his love of Buggy and the Mafia thread. He also found out why Iceborg grows extra body parts and he has acquired an archnemesis known as piratemarimo. This occurred when the two of them had a disagreement about Mihawk's potential to advance to the next round of the 2010 Tournament, reminiscent of Luffy and Blackbeard's first meeting. Now whenever they cross paths, they engage in a fight to the death.They also said that Metteminne is Yami Yugi while piratemarimo is Marik. Metteminne killed piratemarimo once, but then marimo came back to life instantaneously. Of course, since they both uphold the principles of Lazy Justice, so it always ends with them snacking on waffles and napping.Metteminne did win the fight about mihawk advancing and now he also won about Garp's potential to advance. He and piratemarimo formed a very brief moment of camaraderie when they realised that they both supported Dr. Hiriluk and Chopper in the Tournament. Metteminne then immediately went back to plotting how to steal piratemarimo's secret waffle supply. In a terrible slip, piratemarimo accidentally revealed a weakness: cute things. Metteminne successfully managed to steal one waffle by posting some adorable animal pictures, at least until Gekko315 stepped in and said to get back on topic (Gekko seems to do this a lot).After the 4th round ended, both piratemarimo and Metteminne have pledged to not mention waffles until the tournament is over in the tournament threads. He also seems to have eaten Hattori, but Nia says otherwise. They will also fight soon. He also said that if Doctor Hiriluk would go through the 4th round in the Tournament, he would make a video off him dancing ballet in a pink shirt and is an editor on this Wiki.As you now should have concluded,Metteminne is a pro at going off topic.

Famous quotes:Edit

-we need some more *insert a character* love