Nakama is a terrible word created by One Piece fansub group "Kaizoku-Fansubs" to troll the One Piece fandom. KF claimed that "nakama" was a magic word for crewmate or friend that could not be translated. Upon closer inspection, however, a team of highly-educated scholars discovered that the word "nakama" does not actually exist in the Japanese language and is in fact an anagram of Makana, a notable weeaboo banned from many forums in early 2002 (Most forum administrators deny her existance) Makana went on to fund K-F from the shadows, and plotted to exact her revenge on the One Piece fandom.

Thanks to efforts of Demon Rin and PirateBeck, Makana was found out, but Arlong Park has kept this evil secret to itself, letting the rest of the One Piece fandom trot around happily with their 'nakama', a constant reminder that Makana continues to get what she wants.

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