National Coronation Day is an as yet unfinished epic began by Zephos many moons ago. It tells of the early history of Arlong Park and the power struggle between Oceanizer and e1n as well as how the elite in The Humor Thread exodessed to the newly created New Pork City.


Part One:

Part one opens with a battle in The Humor Thread between Cap'n Carter and AWB. As the fighting continues, Oceanizer and CosmicDebris appear and tell them to stop at once but neither listen, causing Oceanizer to ban Carter. With his last breath Carter speaks to Ocean, "You will regret this day!", before collapsing in a smoking pile of ash. Ocean doesn't know what Carter was talking about but it deeply worries him.

Part Two:

Upon Carter's death, the rest of The Humor Thread falls into mourning until GaryPotter comes in with more of his stupid cat macros. He endures the wrath of the mourners. Meanwhile in the mod tower, the mods discuss the significance of The Humor Thread and The Naruto Thread. Battle Franky feels that they're both very valuable to the forum while CosmicDebris has the opposite opinion. They're interrupted by e1n, who dreams of a forum without the troublemakers, like it was in the early days of the forum: "AP was a utopia of... DISCUSSION! THEORIES! FRATERNITY!" At that moment, a member storms in raving about an incident in The Humor Thread, upon which Ocean looks to Battle Franky. As Battle Franky makes his way there he meets up with Taboo who asks how the meeting went. Battle Franky sadly says that it depends on what has just happened. As the two of them reach the gates of The Humor Thread they look in disgust at the severed head of GaryPotter on a stake outside. Battle Franky is understandably angry at the members responsible but they reply that they want a utopia for themselves just like he does. Both Battle Franky and Taboo are on the side of The Humor Thread but e1n believes it needs to be gotten rid of entirely along with everyone who posts in it. With poor timing Leaf Cable posts something not funny and is killed by Gohn. Part two ends with e1n making his appearance, smiling menacingly.

Part Three - The Clampdown:

e1n, in his insanity, speaks about how good it feels to mod, how good it feels to destroy, and that his plan is all coming together. He destroys The Humor Thread. From the mod tower CosmicDebris states as a decree from the admins that everything The Humor Thread stood for is now illegal and that the participants must wear stocks of shame until they have learned their lessons. As Ocean begins to speak his mind snaps for a brief second and he begins raving, demanding to know what he had done wrong as an admin to deserve what was happening. Cosmic quickly takes him back inside as a single tear falls from The Dude's eye as he watches from the edge of the forum. As the patrons of The Humor Thread look back on what had happened they start to go crazy as they can't see anything good happening now that Carter is banned. In their moment of hopelessness The Dude appears with hope: two keys he managed to swipe. The keys are to the stocks worn by Zephos and Sanctum. They now have to infiltrate the mod tower and get the other 6 keys. It's the last chance they'll have.

Part Four - The Despair:

Sanctum and Zephos arrive at the mod tower disguised as Sasuke and Naruto respectively. Claiming to be a part of the April Fools' prank, they are granted access.Told they need to go to B-2 room b-78 for keys to the prank closet, they hurry to the elevator. Arriving at b-78 they are confronted by someone who's apparently Bad-Beat who gives a rant on only giving keys for "responsible activities" such as dating advice. One shot to the head later, Zephos and Sanctum find the keys to the stockades and are ready to hurry out of the tower. Suddenly, a green beam hits the wall next to them, eliciting a distressed "NO!!!" from Zephos.

Meanwhile, at the stocks, Geg begins to worry seeing as their rescuers have been taking far too long. Tony-kun and Aldrich reassure everyone that Zephos and Sanctum will pull through. Almost as if on cue, the mods arrive at the stocks, a badly beaten Zephos in tow. Zephos lets out an apology before being IP-banned by Ocean (Thus beginning the cycle of ban and rebirth for Zeph). Thuroughly pissed, Ocean destroys the keys, effectively making the bans permanent. The mods vanish as Aldrich loses hope, simply saying "It's over now...".

The prisoners wallow in their despair as rain pours down on them. Someone, however, approaches them. Aldrich looks up and questions who the stranger is. The newcomer smiles and intrduces himself:

"The name's Waynehead. How you doin' son?" It wasn't over. Not by a long shot.

Part Five - The Message:

Three years ago...

Aftershock, previous ruler of AP, entrusts the site to Ocean before he leaves it forever. Assuring the little penguin that he'll do a fine job keeping the peace, Aftershock gives Ocean his tophat with the simple advice of make sure everything's balanced. Tears fall from Ocean's eyes...


Standing on top of the mod tower as the storm rages, Ocean reflects on recent events. He wonders if he's being too harsh, if there are too many restrictions, and whether or not they led to this. Ocean wonders what would Aftershock do in this crisis. A member runs to Ocean and informs him that the stocks were empty. A look of shock on his face, Ocean prays to Aftershock that he'll forgive him...

Meanwhile in a remote corner of the forum, Waynehead gives a message from the enigmatic "King C" about a utopia, the newly-erected New Pork City. Tony-kun questions why this King C would care about them. Waynehead assures them all that King C is someone they're all very familiar with. Giving them pig-shaped devices, Waynehead instructs them to put the devices at select spots in the forum, thus opening the gate to utopia. Before merrymaking can be done, Sandai Mera (Now known as Green vs. Red) discovers the group. Waynehead disentigrates his head. Waynehead takes his leave of the group, telling them he'd be seeing them all in utopia. With renewed hope, the Humorfolk prepare to enact the plan.

At the mod tower, Ocean gives e1n temporary admin power while he's away. With e1n now stronger than ever, he announces his first order of command...

Episode Six - The New Order:

e1n's first order of business is to do some staff changes. Battle Franky and taboo are demodded. Dude is put on probation for helping to free the Humorfolk. e1n calls in four members to see who will recieve his former upper-mod position. The first candidate, captain usopp, says that they (The folk) are Hitlers so she wants to stop them. The next one, Local-chan...Well, acts like Local-chan. The third, Usopp with a push pop, gives us the greatest panel ever. The last one, Terek, has a tedious opinion on all of this. Terek gets the upper-mod position while the other three are given regular mod powers. Ocean, either genuinely pleased or oblivious of e1n's choices, leaves the forum to have a chat with an old friend on Kaizoko Ou forums. e1n glares at Ocean as he leaves the tower, a green glint in his eye.

Ocean encounters Geg on the way to Kaizoko. Acknowledging that he was lucky that Ocean has no power outside the forum, Geg runs off. Ocean wonders why he was acting so strange before teleporting to KF.

The camera pans away, revealing one of the pig devices activated and attached to the outer wall of AP.

It's the beginning of the end.