Airflow: Ironical unhappy snarker who often makes cutting remarks to cut everyone as much as possible.

BekaDidAct: Easily the most obsessive supporter of Gecko Moria, will always be ready to help somebody if they love Moria, and ready to kill if they hate him. Rumors say that he is the embodiment of Moria himself.

Bounty1Berry: A HUGE fishman fan. Even more so for Kuroobi. Will defend the Fishmen's honour with all his might!

Cap'n Carter:'The most notorious poster of the old days. Extremely ironic and sarcastic. Later he left the forum to create his own paradise New Pork City.

Chrissie: One of the most (in)famous posters on the forum. She has managed to derail almost any thread she walks in and screw your head with her wild manner. Was voted Best New Member of 2009. According to Captain Ugly, Chrissie represents "The Devil".

Coral-Snake: Sister of Moonneko and a fan of old shirtless guys and Yaoi. A talented artist who also enjoys cosplaying.

crease: Well known in the One Piece Collectables thread. Helps non Japanese users purchase hard to find items.

Eggy: A perverted egg.

Fenberry: Not really famous on the forum, but has a youtube channel where he plays request about one piece games.

Greg : (Formerly 'Omae no Kaasan v.2' and formerly 'Omae no Kaasan') - A man from New Jersey that is famous for his no-handed push-ups. Self-proclaimed a gay. (Yet is married.) Rivals include ocean and ooshi78. Often goes into vague, non-sensical ramblings about Japan.

Griffin: A member created for April Fools 2007. He quickly became an admin, banning several members and other moderators in the process before creating his own topic.

Joekido: Known for his hyper-cockiness, he is known for his "I'm a tortured soul" posts

Kamenriderneko: Formerly Pirateneko. A very talented artist whom has designed a multitude of things for AP including various comics about the forum.

Kitsune Inferno: The most known resident Makino fanboy with an obsession for MANGLAZE. Active in the Naruto thread and the tournament. According to Captain Ugly, Kitsune represents "The Emperor".

Local-Chan: (formerly 1-2-Jango.) Long serving member and winner of 'Most Perverted User' in 2009 AP awards. Used to be known more for Robin fanboying before he brought RoCho into the spotlight in 2007 and made plenty of attempts to fit it into any conversation. Banned in July 2010 because of excessive sexual RoCho (or so the legend goes). Hates Frobin with a passion. Regenerated into Cyber-Robin after given a final chance.

MDL: Uncanny ability to attract acquaintances wherever he goes. Admin and mod elsewhere, he's very well travelled regarding forums.

Moonneko: Sister of Coral-Snake and a fan of shirtless guys and Yaoi. A talented artist who also enjoys cosplaying.

Omnichild: Later retired to the Cosplay section.

Pwnobi: Made the rape thread.

Sâuza: Tastes like cream.

Sea: A Vietnamese hippy who draws nonsensical stuff. This guy is serious on ridiculous matters and ridiculous on serious matter. A self-proclaimed psycho. According to Captain Ugly, represents "The Hermit".

Shuhan1288: Prefers to go by Shuhan. He is a frequenter of the Naruto Thread who desperately tries to fit in with the cool guys. He has the uncanny ability to find pictures on the net pertaining to his conversations in a matter of seconds. The cook of Trollceans Eleven.

Super-Franky/korobka: Well known member in One Piece Hurt & Heal. Obsessed about cross-dressing Ace as Alice.

Zephos: Also known as JERK DISEASE/Deltron/Jakatra/Herald etc. Theme song: "The cat came back". The most assholish and cockiest among the respected members.

Zkaiser: Started the forum pirate crew trend. Also, is well known for being indecisive with his avatars.