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This is a popularity contest with One Piece characters who"battle"each other until there is one winner. One of the major highlights of the tournament is the campaigning process, which involves forum members posting text, images (including fanart), videos, etc. to try to win votes for their character.

How This WorksEdit

The first stage is the nomination process. Users can decide who they want to have in the tournament and vote for their top picks in what are known as preliminary matches. The top voted characters from each prelim then advance to the first round.

Each round has matches with two characters facing each other for 24 hours. The mods randomly draw character names to determine the matchups. Every AP forum member can vote once per match for a character and campaign for them until the day ends. However, due to previous tournaments in which people cheated by making multiple accounts to get more votes for a character (the most infamous case being X. Drake vs. Nami), this year new users who joined after March are not allowed to vote. They are, however, still allowed to campaign. The winner goes on to the next round and the next match begins. When each match has finished, there is a brief interim period which allows people to make campaigns or relax a bit. Of course, the mods enjoy playfully teasing the users by dragging out the waiting... by making sandwiches, dropping purposefully vague hints, and calling Candle Jack when they are about to announce the next ma--


From Arlong Park WikiEdit

The rules are a set of guidelines set in place before the start of the 2010 Character Tournament as a set of guidelines that all posters must follow while posting in the Tournament Section. They have been edited as the tournament went on. Originally there were 12 rules, progressively Ms. Suave Debonair added his own until he chose to be banned from the forum and the rules were all removed.

Original 12 RulesEdit

1. No character bashing. This is the law of the land. Personal feelings about a character are irrelevant; criticism is one thing, but constantly harping on how you wish that Oda would kill this character gets old quick. Don't do it.

2. Be positive and try to remember that this is all for fun. No flaming of other members and no whining about who won or who lost. Harassment of other members will be dealt with swiftly and brutally.

3. If a problem comes up, check with one of the people listed at the bottom of the forum and consult with them about it. If you don't get a prompt answer, then wait as spamming them with PMs is probably just going to piss them off. The best idea is to try Ubiq or Urouge first; Tare is probably too busy working on the tournament, Suave Debonair or Ivotas will probably just mock you and Robby, well, Robby always lies. Don't trust a thing he says is my advice.

4. Regular members are not allowed to create threads within this forum so don't even try.

5. When a poll is closed, the thread will be as well. The next poll will begin shortly after that.

6. Creation of duplicate accounts to run up votes for one character or the other is strictly prohibited and will be punished with a banning.

7. All votes are final. If you managed to vote for the wrong person, well, I'm sorry, but that's that. If you aren't sure who to vote for, read the thread for a while and see if someone sways you one way or the other. That or flip a coin.

8. Rules regarding campaigns from last time remain in effect for this tournament. The following are prohibited:

  • -Boob campaigns
  • -Campaigns that refer to arguments from other areas of the board.
  • -Massive images that are not hidden by spoiler tags
  • -Autoplay Youtube videos

9. A situation may arise where another form of campaign may result in numerous complaints to the management; if so, it'll be banned as well. Complaining about it will avail you not as that campaign has obviously crossed a line with somebody that didn't need to be crossed.

10. If you write a post and some variation of "This might be NSFW, but" appears in it, just save us all some time and delete whatever it was that you were about to post. Keep it PG-13, folks.

11. For the purposes of this Tournament, this Event Forum is seperate from the rest of Arlong Park Forums. So leave any arguments or personal animosity you have with another member at the door. If you didn't like something in the last chapter of One Piece or Kishimoto/Kubo actually managed to do something right for once, discuss it in those sections not here. Derailing threads with off-topic nonsense is strictly prohibited. On-topic nonsense is greatly encouraged

12. This Tournament is based on the manga. As a result of this, some of the characters involved may constitute spoilers for our anime only members. We apologize for the inconvenience. However, this does not mean that discussion of spoilers for the latest chapters is allowed within this forum. Discussing things from the spoiler forum will lead to a ban from the entire Arlong Park forum per forum rules. Do not do this.

Later AdditionsEdit

1. As a way to prevent members from creating alternate accounts to vote more than once, members who joined March 12, 2010 or later are unable to cast their vote in the tournament.

2. Saying, "Why is THAT character winning?" as a way to express anger at the success of a disliked character, is not allowed.

3. Anyone who posts "Haters gonna hate" campaigns gets banned from the tourney. Regardless of their candidate. It's stupid, uncreative, has no bearing on the actual characters, and its actively insulting anyone that voices an opposing opinion without any rhyme or reason behind it.

Memorable momentsEdit

Preliminary MatchesEdit

  • Chimney defeated Vivi

Round 1Edit

Match Winner Votes for Winner Total Votes Votes for Loser Match Loser
Round 1 Results
Apoo 358 664 306 ShuShu
Bellemere 463 651 188 Chimney
Lafitte 424 626 202 Haruta
Sengoku 444 675 231 GedatMMmmMMmm How careless~!
Camie 376 746 370 Hina
Whitebeard 623 822 199 Aokiji
Ryuma 380 730 350 Jango
Dr. Hiruluk 535 658 123 Dreadlock Chain Chomp
Garp 494 710 216 Akainu
Marco 357 688 331 Shakuyaku
Usopp 458 736 278 Calgara
Going Merry 385 765 380 Kaku lost to a ship LOL
Crocodile 705 827 122 Rob Lucci
Ivankov 571 718 147 Doma and a Monkey with a FUCKING Gun
Chopper 442 674 232 T-Bone
Ace 405 663 258 Iceburg
Gecko Moria 360 680 320 A random assortment of Red-Haired Pirates
Mihawk 576 745 169 Mohawk
Gan Fall 437 712 275 Nojiko
"Pwngoat" 445 805 360 MarFAIL D. Teach
Noland 492 676 184 Hiking Bear
Drake 404 Dinosaur Not Found
Magellan 475 659 184 Windows Vista
Kid 427 644 217 Thousane Sunny
Smoker 446 752 306 Tom with a DON~!
Jesus 640 758 118 Foxy
Gaimon 361 705 344 Ice Bitch Whitey Bay
Banchi 402 631 229 Stronger
Mr. 3 517 673 156 Handsome
Stairs 519 645 126 Kuina
Bon-chan 569 669 100 Yasopo
Luffy 445 862 417 Mr. Franc
Yokozuna 543 728 185 He-Man
Mama Sanji 484 726 242 Shiryuliewweeooo Bison
Ghin 416 664 248 Hattori
Shiki 450 636 186 Steven D. Teach
puffin 443 624 181 Jaws
Zeff 563 664 101 San Juan Wolf
Zoro 446 761 315 Crab-chan
Shanks 593 693 100 Capon Bege
Bepo 448 670 222 Not a female bear
Arlong 355 709 354 Hatchan
Jaguar D. Saul 355 624 269 Hawtshigi
Beckman 412 594 182 That guy from Nami's village
Brook 477 658 181 Margaret
Dragon 561 704 143 Jabra
Dorry and Broggy 373 683 310 An Unlucky Ducky
Mr. 1 353 664 311 Hawkins
Van Auger 333 646 313 Aphelandra's Hat
Roger 406 603 197 Pandaman
Nami 420 644 224 Dr. Blackbeard
Urouge 320 651 331 Lucky Roo
Kung Fu Dugongs 349 672 323 Coby
Doc Q 353 625 272 Jesus Burgess
Rayleigh 550 661 111 Olvia
Sadi-chan 294 584 290 Generic Supernova
Law 419 624 205 Paulie
Kuma 380 576 196 Laboon
Arlong Park Who really knows? robbybedfart and The Tournament Mods
Bonney 423 645 242 Richie
Jinbei 507 705 198 Johnny and Yosaku


I mean Hannyabal

449 629 180 Calico Yorki
Local-chan 377 668 291 Doflamingo

Additional CommentsEdit
  • Pwngoat beating Blackbeard by 85 votes
  • The very close match between Hina and Camie
  • Garp beating Akainu
  • Whitebeard beating Aojiki
  • The 3D Stronger vs Banchi match
  • Going Merry vs. Kaku- Or as some like to call it: Going Merry's Revenge
  • Luffy beating Franky- first Strawhat elimination
  • Arlong beating Hatchan by one vote
  • Makino beating Kizaru- The reason? Makino Bobart
  • Sadi-Chan beating Killer by four votes
  • During this round, characters got plain white boxes with their picture in it, and a funny "comment" from each
  • At one point in the Hina vs. Camie match, there were 666 people who voted, perfectly split.
  • All three admirals apparently never make it past the first round
  • Hina vs Camie had a record of 34 pages, with 672 posts until Pwngoat vs. Blackbeard which had 40 pages, with 794 posts
  • Going Merry defeated Kaku by 5 votes, partially due to the fact that people like bitching about the ship more than campaigning
  • Rob Lucci was destroyed by Crocodile; No CP9 members make it past this round
  • Moria went up against the "red haired" pirates
  • Coby lost to the Kung Fu Dugongs by 26 votes
  • Number of times the word "fail" appeared in the Hina vs. Camie match: 58
  • Doc Q vs Jesus Burgess- Apparently Shinigami > Jesus+Mexican Wrestler
  • Number of matches that had characters from the same crew/group: 2
  • Both Sanji and Zeff defeated a member of Blackbeard's crew (Shiliew and San Juan Wolf respectively)
  • Urouge vs. Lucky Roo- Mods played a joke on users by declaring Urouge the "winner" even though Roo won by 11 votes
  • Hancock vs. Kureha had opening pictures of Sailor Moon and Goku respectively
  • Kizaru vs. Makino had the poll incorrectly labeled- described later by Robby as a joke that backfired.
  • Right before the first round ended, Ivotas left AP Forums much to the dismay of a number of people.
Filler Match OneEdit

Category: Just Die Already!

Kizaru: So this is my next match? Huuuu, scary ~ ~ ~ Sentoumaru!

Snail: Fzzzzzt--!! Old man! Did you forget about Round 2!!? You're in the wrong match!

Kizaru (23): Oh... yeah.

Aizen (101): Just as planned. Also, I now have a mullet.

Misa (26): I only have eyes for Light.

Miki (14): These are "skills"!!

Longchamp (13): Who the hell am I anyways?

Sasuke (311): I am on a path the rest of you can't follow...

Iwase (12): I will be the greatest goddamn homewrecker mangaka!

Gerard (29): Time for my surprise scheduled appearance this arc!

Excalibur (22): BAKAME!!!!

Shinji (34): Hey, Asuka's sleeping! Anybody got a box of tissues and some hand lotion?

  • Kizaru is the only One Piece character that is in the poll due to the Kizaru vs. Makino match.
  • There were 10 characters- multiple choice.
  • Sasuke wins by a landslide (53.16% of the votes)
  • There were 585 people who voted.

Round 2Edit

Round 2 Results
Match Winner Votes for Winner Total Votes Votes for Loser Match Loser
Arlong 447 606 159 Augur
Norland 456 674 218 Gin
Brook 354 688 334 Ivankov
Sengoku 361 645 284 Saul
Mihawk 482 643 161 Apoo
Going Merry 360 564 204 Dorry & Broggy
Roger 328 620 292 Jinbei
Dragon 416 610 194 Marco
Bepo 549 697 148 Sadi
Chopper 444 648 204 Camie
Hannyabal 322 529 207 Shiki
Crocodile 463 668 205 Pwngoat
Gun Fall 303 683 380 Bonnie
Magellan 421 565 144 Mr. 1
Kuro 563 625 62 Doc Q
Enel 498 703 205 Kidd
Buggy 515 704 189 Drake
Bon Kurei 384 710 326 Sanji
Ryuma 397 680 283 Lucky Roo
Rayleigh 457 563 106 Kung-Fu Dugongs
Smoker 445 567 122 Banchi
Garp 561 619 58 Yokozuna
Usopp 385 670 285 Mr. 3
Luffy 405 758 353 Ace
Bellemere 432 609 177 Lafitte
Moria 344 683 339 Beckman
Dr. Hiluluk 460 534 74 Gaimon
Zoro 363 624 261 Hancock
Shanks 426 575 149 Crocus
Robin 419 647 228 Zeff
Nami 382 763 381 Law
Whitebeard 479 715 236 Makino

Additional CommentsEdit

  • Moria faces another pirate from the Red-haired crew in a match that set a new record of 54 pages and 1,060 posts.
  • This round is also referred to as "The Animal Slaughterhouse" due to all the animal characters getting brutally defeated.
  • New wanted posters for characters' opening pictures- varieties include Bounty, Impel Down, Marines, Deceased, Bar and Grill, Inactive, Takoyaki, and God
  • Ryuma vs. Lucky Roo opened with Robby joking that the match had been canceled due to all the staff playing StarCraft 2
  • Basco Shot vs. Shiki caused much upset to many who insisted that the results were rigged (though people say this a lot)
  • Luffy and Ace ended up facing each other after they defeated both Franky and Iceburg respectively.
  • Nami supporters posted lots of irrelevant LuffyXNami fanart and more fanservice images; Robby had to remind them boob campaigns are not allowed otherwise the match would be cancelled.
  • Hannyabal vs. Shiki had the record of lowest voter turnout of 529 voters and only 66 posts
  • Zoro vs. Hancock was the exact same match that got Hancock eliminated last year. The wanted posters featured The Masked Man Zorro and Korean Pop Star Boa.
  • Sadi-Chan defeated the second-in-command of a Supernova, but then lost to the second-in-command of another Supernova.
  • Despite being banned the day before, most users assumed Local-Chan was banned for posting indecent images as a Chopper campaign
Filler Match TwoEdit

Category: Best Non-One Piece Hero

Kenshiro (62): You are already dead.

Kenshin (46): Wait there. You'll taste living hell soon enough.

Lupin (51): This is a treasure for all mankind. Too big for my pocket anyway.

Vash (46): LOVE AND PEACE!!

Goku (162): I would rather be a brainless monkey than a heartless monster.

Alucard (49): What a lovely night. It makes me want to have a bite to drink.

Ogami (14): You would've been happier if you'd chosen to join your mother..

Onizuka (60): I'm gonna show ya the willpower of a teacher!

Krauser (16): Let me show you punks how to truly rape someone!

Guts (84): Fear me... for a good future, you'll be the first that I kill... I'll erase you all!!!

Gekko315: No bitching about characters who aren't in the poll. Seriously.

  • 10 characters- multiple choice
  • Goku wins by a large amount (27.46% of the votes)
  • 590 people voted.

Round 3Edit

Round 3 Results
Match Winner Votes for Winer Total Votes Votes for Loser Match Loser
Rayleigh 428 776 348 Buggy
Dragon 409 804 395 Enel
Garp 508 677 169 Going Merry
Smoker 434 616 182 Arlong
Whitebeard 517 632 115 Ryuma
Kuma 417 609 192 Sengoku
Chopper 354 598 244 Gun Fall
Bon Kurei 410 747 337 Crocodile
Robin 486 692 206 Bellemere
Shanks 435 731 296 Moria
Norland 332 663 331 Bepo
Luffy 367 700 333 Magellan
Hiriluk 362 590 228 Hannyabal
Roger 352 651 299 Brook
Mihawk 379 751 372 Zoro
Usopp 397 721 324 Nami
Additional CommentsEdit
  • A lot of popular characters got taken out. Lots of surprising upsets
  • Villains not doing well this year- technically speaking there are none left by the end of the round
  • People are losing excitement and vigor with all these disappointments, resulting in less campaigning
  • Both Law and Bepo of the Heart Pirates have lost by one vote to Nami and Norland respectively.
  • Zachri crying seems to have become a common occurence after each passing match.
  • Starting with this round, the wanted posters have bounty/paycheck numbers. The meaning of the numbers will be revealed at the end of the tournament for those who haven't figured it out by then. Started as joke, never intended to be a mystery.
  • Robin and Chopper, whom people thought would lose,ended up destroying their opponents (Bellemere and Gan Fall respectively).
  • Rayleigh's Wanted Poster is filled with Kung Fu Dugongs who now serve under him after losing to him in the last match.
  • Bon Clay's wanted poster is pink, a surprisingly compelling reason to vote for him.
  • Hannyabal gets a new Wanted Poster: Chief Vice Warden
  • Moria finally loses to the captain of the "Red Hair" Pirates, Shanks himself.
  • Mihawk vs. Zoro turns out to be a lot closer than people expected and had 44 pages and 868 posts
  • New Wanted Poster for Nami vs. Usopp match : Doujin or Anime SogekingXNami
  • 3 Strawhats are eliminated consecutively in this round. 4 Strawhats remain.
  • Robin is the only female character left in this tournament
  • Hiriluk and Norland are the last two flashback characters
  • There are four dead characters who have made it to next round (Kuma doesn't really count and Bon always comes back)
  • There are 4 "D"s, 2 Marines, and 2 Revolutionaries left.
  • Urouge (the person) comes back from his vacation, only to vote for Usopp not Nami, and Kitsune makes a deal with the devil
Filler Match ThreeEdit

Category: Best Non-One Piece Heroine

Ryoko (120): Choose me, Tenchi!

Lina Inverse (153): Does the winner get a free buffet?

Nausicaa (160): Don't you hear the cries of nature? End this foolishness now!

Utena (63): Sagiyoku kakkoyoku ikite-yukou, tatoe futari hanarebanare ni natte mo... Take my revolution!

Usagi (174): Oh Tuxedo Mask! You came to vote for me again!

Gally (66): Once upon a time I was falling in love, now I'm only falling apart...

Rally (62): Bang.

Aoi (161): More people should read my series. Including Robby.

Asuna (76): I'm going to beat out the rest of this love octahedron harem!

Caska (155): I may be retarded now, but I'm still alive, yes, still alive...

  • 10 characters- multiple choice
  • The winner is Usagi (29.7% of the votes)
  • There were 584 total voters
  • This match is a lot closer than other filler matches

Round 4Edit

Round 4 Results
Match Winner Votes for Winner Total Votes Votes for Loser Match Loser
Smoker 357 665 308 Gol D. Roger
"Red Hair" Shanks 389 678 289 Monkey D. Luffy
"Dark King" Rayleigh 475 649 174 TonyTony Chopper
Monkey D. Garp 409 670 261 Hiluluk
Whitebeard 487 642 155 Montblanc Norland
Bon-Chan 468 659 191 Monkey D. Dragon
Usopp 368 733 365 Nico Robin
Dracule Mihawk 364 646 282

Bartholomew Kuma

Additional CommentsEdit

  • Number of matches in which a character went up against their "mentor": 2
  • Roger vs. Smoker was one vote away from having 666 total voters.
  • Usopp goes up against both female Strawhats and wins, thus earning him the nickname "The Lady Killer"
  • Three Strawhats are taken out this round, two of them consecutively.
  • With the defeat of the main character in this round, it can be seen that the winner will probably not be a Strawhat.
  • Kitsune is slowly driven mad by the puzzle of the bounty numbers. Ubiq and Sea have taken to speaking like Magic 8 Balls.
  • Thanks to school and such, there aren't much campaigns and posts anymore.
  • New bounty posters for Usopp vs. Robin: The Long Nosed Liar with No Last Name vs. The Many Limbed Demon from Ohara
  • There is one Strawhat, one "D", one Warlord, one dead guy, one okama, one Marine, one Yonkou, and one live, epic old man left in the tournament. It's interesting to note that the Roger pirates are the only group to have two make it to the next round. Garp is retired, so technically the Marines only have one candidate left.
  • With the exception of Usopp, Smoker, and Bon-chan, the only characters left are those from an older generation.
Filler Match FourEdit

Category: Best Non-Anime Villain

Mumm-ra (17): Ancient tournament mods of evil, transform this decayed form into Mumm-RA, the winner!

Ming the Merciless (5): Flash, ahh ahh... savior of the universe... that I will crush!


Megatron-G1 (34): Why throw away your votes so recklessly?

Venger (6): Hand over your votes young forumers. So that I do not have to...destroy you.

Mojo Jojo (120): I shall win this popularity contest for I am the most popular choice amongst all the contestants here, for I am better liked than any other villain present. Were a hero to be present, I might be overwhelmed by their popularity, but as there are no heroes here, my vote total will assuredly be the highest, by at least one more vote than all my opponents. For if it is one point higher, then I shall be the winner...

Skeletor (52): ...and then, he squatted, and crushed the mountain beneath him! That's totally unfair!

Saw Boss (3): I have no time for these games. Kill them.

Megabyte (36): All these innocent people in one place? Perfect. They'll never know what hit them.

Shredder (85): Tonight I dine on Turtle Soup.

Aku (72): I, Akuuuuu, the omnipotent lord of darkness, will rule over you all!

Zarkon (1): Haggar! Send in the robeast!

Megatron- Beast Wars (36): Oh, I do so love a good competition between intelligent beings. Yessssssss!

Darkstorm (1): No power staffs? NONE of you? Then surely I win by default. You might as well go clean out the latrines or something.

Cobra Commander (12): And he'sss alwaysss sssaying "Thisss I command!" The guy isss sssuch a prick!

Monarch: What do you mean the poll only goes to 15? That's totally unfair!

  • First filler match that doesn't have a multiple choice option. Robby said that he did this because it is more evil.
  • Despite Aku's early lead, Mojo Jojo ends up being the winner (23.48% of total votes)
  • There were 511 total voters.
  • the 0 vote rule was almost used.
Filler Match FiveEdit

Category: At Sables' Request: Best Catgirl

NATSUKI SASAHARA: Bang, you're under arrest!(22)

TAOKAKA: ...meow.(101)

ICHIGO MOMOYA: Lettuce... Mint... Pudding... Pie... Tart... my coworker's names make me hungry!(70)

POLLY ESTER: 80's? Cute girl? Pizza? I got this locked up.(68)

NUKU NUKU: Rawr.(44)

MERLE: I'll be happy with this tournament as long as Lord Vaan wins... what do you mean he didn't compete?(45)

FELICIA: Let's all dance!(128)

DIGI-KO: Welcome to , welcome to, welcome to my par~ty!(26)

CLEO: Do I like Heatcliff or Riffraff more? What kind of question is that to ask a girl.(38)

CHAM CHAM:Meow meow meow! Ikuzo!(27)

AISHA CLAN CLAN: Bring me more food! I am an unstoppable warrior of the Ctarl Ctarl empire!(128)

KATT/RINPOO: Wait... My English name was "Katt"? Seriously? Bit plain, don't you think?(38)

ANA PUMA: Shall we do a striptease for the audience sister?(39)

UNA PUMA: I don't know. Can they tell us apart?(39)

AERIS: Great. From a videogame webcomic to a character tournament. This sucks.(90)

BATTIA: No one will even know what Outlanders is. But I've got Geobaldi, so its okay.(27)

SHAMPOO: Ranma marry Shampoo if win tournament! What mean, "Cat, not catgirl"?

  • In the "Best Villain" filler match, Sables said "They All Suck. Hurry up and get the real matches going." This statement is the reason why Robby created this "bonus" filler match. Ubiq later stated that the mods were "leaning towards adding a filler match every time somebody complains about having a filler match."
Filler Match SixEdit

Category: At Kitsune's Request: Best emoticon:

  • Kitsune used reverse pyschology to get yet another bonus filler match.
  • People were only allowed to vote for one emoticon.
  • For the first time in any match, there was a a 0% vote for one of the poll options. If we assume that the same rules of the tournament apply to the filler matches as well, this means that the "huh?" emoticon wins by default not "ninja."
  • This filler match has the record for lowest voter turnout of 57 voters because it was closed very quickly.

Round 5Edit

Round 5 Results
Match Winner Votes for Winner Total Votes Votes for Loser Match Loser
Bon Kurei 424 672 248 Usopp
Garp 417 641 224 Smoker
Whitebeard 401 687 286 Rayleigh
Shanks 395 637 242 Mihawk
Additional Comments:Edit
  • All the characters have a connection of some kind with their oppponent.
  • There are no Strawhats left in the tournament with the defeat of Usopp "The Lady Killer"
  • The Usopp campaigners kept on campaigning hard even though he was clearly going to lose. These efforts are likely the reason for a much higher voting percentage in his favor than people were expecting (even Usopp supporters, who initially believed even 100 votes would be an accomplishment).
  • Kitsune and Dryish teamed up to perform a musical send off for the first time in tournament history when Rayleigh was defeated by Whitebeard. They used the lyrics from "Dream On" by Aerosmith. Needless to say, it was a kickass performance.
  • One okama, one ex-marine, one regenerating handicapped man, and one dead yet epic old man remains.
  • According to the statistics, all the characters in this round had the highest voter percentages in the prelims, thus proving that Aizen had AP Forums in the palm of his hand the whole time.
Filler Match SevenEdit

Category: Doot doot doot doo de dooh: Best games, best history, best story, best music, whatever you think is important.

JUMPMAN (366): Hey, it's a me, Mario!
SONIC (212): Time to juice it loose! Anyone got a chilidog?
LINK (304): Well excuuuuuuse me, Princess!
KIRBY (167): *mouth is full*mmh mhmhm hmhmh
SAMUS ARAN (168): Is removing all my armor really the best idea when I clear the planet in 3 hours?
MEGAMAN (176): Super fighting robots... Megaman!
DONKEY KONG (122): My cgi cartoon show was terrible.
CRASH BANDICOOT (119): As terrible as my first gen early cgi graphics?
SIMON BELMONT (76): Is dying really the best idea when I clear the castle in 3 hours?
SOLID SNAKE (161): Unfortunately, killing is just one of those things that gets easier the more you do it.
FOX McCLOUD (78): Dangit Slippy, stop getting shot out of the sky!
PACMAN (159): Wakka wakka wakka wakka
DUKE NUKEM (104): Grooovy.
RYU (135): Hadouken! Shoryuken! Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku!
L (251): plnk
LUIGI: All right, afinally! My atime to shine! What do youa mean, Mario is already here and I can't play?

  • 15 characters, multiple choice poll
  • 704 Total Voters
  • Mario is the winner
Filler Match EightEdit

Category: At Essam Ismail's Request: Who has the best voice?

BONKERS (42):Don't think of me as a contestant. Think of me as an orange, fuzzy son!
WINNIE THE POOH (104): Me? Popular? Oh bother. I don't know that I want that kind of pressure.
TIGGER (146): The wonderful thing about tiggers is tiggers are wonderful things! Their tops are made out of rubber, their bottoms are made out of springs!
MONTERAY JACK (82): Cheee~eeeeze!
FAT CAT (54): I don't know who you are, but when you don't vote Fat Cat, you go splat.
TAZ (122): Ah uggh eee blah! *whiiiiirrrr*
RASPUTIN (80): In the dark of the night, evil will find you!
PETE (69): I hate them Goofs. Vote for me and I'll get rid of dem once and for all!
RAZOUL (55): I know the feeling. I hate that street rat.
DARKWING DUCK (196): I am the terror that flaps in the night, I am the termite that devours your floorboards. The surprise in your cereal box!The winner in your popularity contest!
DINGO (22): I'm in here among a bunch of freaks and monsters.
RAY (48): My great big shiny butt will lead the way to a winnin'!
DR. ROBOTNICK (127): You miserable little rodents. I'll robotocize the lot of you just to make you silent and obedient.
DON KARNAGE (62):Merciful humanitarian that I am, I wouldn't dream of holding a voter prisoner a moment longer than necessary. However, being a pirate, I must make at least a little profit, no?
SCAR (231): Be prepared for the chance of a lifetime! Vote for... my singing voice!

  • There were 488 total voters.
  • Scar won (47.34% of all votes)
  • Jim Cummings is amazing

Round 6Edit

Round 6 Results
Match Winner Votes for Winner Total Votes Votes for Loser Match Loser
Bon Kurei 411 743 332 Shanks
Whitebeard 493 719 226 Garp
Additional CommentsEdit
  • The filler matches were more drawn out before this round, possibly in anticipation of One Piece's return from a four week break.
  • Many people have declared that Bon-chan vs. Whitebeard should be the final match, so upon discovering that Bon's opponent wasn't Whitebeard this round, quite a few users talked as though Shanks had already lost.
  • New Wanted Posters: Semi-Finalists
  • Robby has stated that the finals will probably be on the day of the new One Piece chapter
Filler Match NineEdit

Category: Returning by Popular Demand: Who has the eye of the tiger?

PERONA (145): So, what do you guys think of Zoro?
VIVI (110): Mr. Bushido? I like him I suppose.
SOUTHBIRD (323): Caw!

  • Only one vote per person is allowed.
  • These are characters that were narrowly beaten in the preliminary matches.
  • Southbird dominates (55.88% of all votes)
  • The underlying match here is really Perona vs. Vivi ---> Perona proves more popular.
  • 578 total voters
Filler Match TenEdit

Category: Battle of the Hats! Which (non straw) Hat Reigns Supreme?

Aphelandra (91): men have funny looking hats
Buggy (139): anyone ever wonder how my hair goes through my hat
Law (168): sup. i like the fuzz
Sengoku (193): a man of power must wear a hat of dignity
Ace (199): this hat keeps me from getting sun burnt...
Banchi (77):.............
Hannyabal (110): do you think the ladies like my hat?
Enel (81): god has no time for fancy hats. my perfect face is enough.
Pell (35): I wear my hat to honor my kingdom.
Alvida (30): touch my hat and you won't have a head. got it.
Zeff (240): my big hat holds all my great ideas for food.
Wapol (52): hat? I like hats. ze are tasty.
Chopper (132): don't call my hat cute, jerk. not like I care. *starry eyed*
Garp (226): i was tired of being called monkey. dogs are cooler.
Arlong (63): weak human's do not deserve cool hats, so I stole this off someone.

  • Multiple choice poll
  • A total of 590 people voted
  • Zeff's hat wins

Round 7 (Final Round)Edit

Final Results
Champion Votes for Champion Total Votes Votes for Runner Up Runner Up
Whitebeard 554 970 416 Bon Kurei

Memorable Campaigns/Anti-CampaignsEdit

  • Arlong Safari Time
  • He gave us the name of this forum
  • Theory of Arlong Park being a waterpark built for the enjoyment of children (canon evidence)- Miadestroystokyo's essay
  • He is Shanks's first mate, clubs people with guns, and he's too badass to put his cigarette out like a normal person.
  • "Why won't anyone listen to me?"- a motion comic of Moria ignoring Beckman and running away
  • Beckman and Chrissie
  • Bend it like Bentham- Two versions, one with a Mr. 2 action figure, and the other photoshopped Bon's head onto Beckham
  • In the Name of Friendship- Manga shot of Bon Clay
  • The Reflection of Mr. 2- If this doesn't make you cry, you are a heartless fiend.
  • Transexual Transylvania- Bon-chan campaign that Robby seems to like posting a lot
  • Transformer- Robotic Bon Clay
  • Bon-chan Plushie- Uh... Look! It's an Okama plushie! ... It's weird yet appealing somehow.
  • This is Okama- Movie poster of Michael Jackson's "This is it" only with Mr. 2
  • Okama- Video game cover of "Okami" with Bon-chan's head photoshopped on the wolf
  • Mr. 2's Transformations- He can also turn into Will Smith, Pizza Head, Master Roshi, Kinnikuman, and Happy the Cat
  • One Piece The Musical- Another Bon-chan campaign
  • Bon Show- AMV made by Urouge
  • Okama Cosplay- Iva and Bon-chan cosplayers
  • Vote for A Friend- This message is approved by Luffy and Sanji
  • Bon-chan and Croc- Friendship at its finest. This was fanart posted at the end of the Crocodile vs. Bon match.
  • Dr. Dick- Banned due to NSFW
  • Chopperman
  • Cuteness- Fanart
  • Chopperbukai
  • Rayleigh Defeats Monster Chopper- A comic that tragically ends with Chopper getting his head cut off
  • Badass Pimp (Crocodile and Doflamingo. Also appeared in early Chopper campaigns)
  • Makeup Remover- Motion comic using manga images. Used during Crocodile vs. Bon Clay
  • If Crocodile were a Pokemon- According to icel, Feraligatr > Ditto
  • Crocodile and Pokemon- Cute fanart of Crocodile with crocodile pokemon
  • Crocodile Stares At Goats- Uses a movie clip from "Men Who Stare at Goats", first used in Pwngoat vs. Crocodile
  • Pwngoat vs. Crocodile comic
  • Crocodile impaling Peter Pan- lolz
  • Crocodile loves animals- Mostly loves Crocodile Pokemon, cats, and of course, Bananadiles
  • Shoe Shiner- Newkamas all want to shine Croc's shoes cuz he's so pimp (Ivankov says so!)
  • Crocodile Forgets his Other Coats- He can't leave Impel Down without his pimpin' coat
  • Rock N Rolla- Vote Crocodile, not even Danny Ocean could beat that guy
  • Mummy- Somebody should have told that guy not to vote against Crocodile
  • Crocodile is Everywhere- It all makes sense
  • Crocodile Button- I crawl, I chomp, and I make a cute sound!
  • A Vote for Crocodile is a Vote for Dropping Vivi Off a Building- Gekko called it a "simple yet effective campaign"
  • Times-Journal Employer of the Year- Newspaper article showing Crocodile supports equality in the workplace
  • I'm a Man- Crocodile AMV
  • Crocodile is Lelouch- Comic from Deviantart
  • Fuck'n Cocksuck'n (Croc)- Removed in a later match, deemed offensive
  • Can Crocodile Pull This Look Off?- Robby painting Okama-style over Crocodile
  • GaaraoftheDesert- A person whose "campaigning" for Crocodile made people want to vote against Croc out of spite.
  • Dragon is Intimidating- motivational poster
  • Dragon never prays to God- Surprisingly, Dragon's head fits very well when photoshopped onto Zoro's head.
  • Revolution: It takes a badass to lead one- Another poster made by ponx
  • Good Good- Posted in memory of Ivotas
  • Doflamingo the Sledge Rosen- a hilarious AMV made by Apple Genocide that parodies Dofla being a lawyer
  • Grandline Gossiper (Doflamingo)- Funny newspaper article, posted by Dervish
  • A vote for Garp is a vote against Robby- This campaign is what you choose to make of it.
  • He's a crazy grandpa who loves Luffy and Ace, no matter how often he beats them up.
  • Garp = Kamina (Gurren Lagann reference)
  • Garp the Fist: He's legendary- Poster made by ponx. It's the real Garp!
  • How dare you vote against me!! - Dadan will go after you if you don't vote for Garp.
  • Garp likes donuts
  • Respect Your Grandpa! Luffy Sure as Hell Does
  • Senbei Party
  • The World According to Garp
  • Vote for the Fist of Love
Going MerryEdit
  • Going Merry senbei- a tragic comic using anime screenshots and photoshop
  • Merry's death scene
  • Going Merry ---> Going Merry lit on fire by Akainu's magma fist- First image was fanart, the second was edited.
  • Sengoku Supports Going Merry- Comic using manga images edited to make Sengoku defend Merry's "character"
  • Vote Hiriluk or "Never show you face again"
  • Hiriluk's Speech- Enough said.
  • Pretty cherry blossoms- Look at how beautiful they are.
  • Doctor Who and Doctor House support him
  • What's up Doc?- Bugs Bunny would talk with that guy.
  • If you vote the doctor, Metteminne will tap dance in a pink ballerina outfit/big pink shirt and put it on Youtube.
  • Inazuma Crab Campaigns
  • Tap Dancing Seagulls- Holy Shit!!
  • I Vote for Massacre!!
  • Adorableness (Fanart)- When you can't think of anything else, this always gets you some votes.
  • Clockwork Orange you fools!!!
  • Magellan gets shit done
  • I'm the Main Character- Luffy thinks he can win against Magellan because he's the main character... boy, was he ever wrong.
  • Party's Bar Menu- makes a person wish the food could be served at a real life One Piece themed restaurant
  • Eneru and Makino Riding Drake- It's not what it sounds like, but it is an epic drawing by Sea
  • Makinobeard- another epic drawing by Sea
  • A vote for Makino is a vote for Makino Bobart
  • A vote for Mihawk is a vote for Bela Lugosi , Ed Wood Movies , Sesame Street , Alexander Dumas , Gerard Depardieu , Asterix and Obelix and the Roman Empire
  • Dracula vs. Zorro- An actual comic book cover
  • "Whoever loses will have to keep Perona"- Used in the Mihawk Vs Zoro match
  • Doom!!- Only Mihawk is cool enough to be introduced with a "doom" sound effect.
  • Mihawk Keychain- Vote Mihawk and receive a complementary keychain!! It's free!
  • Mihawk is Too Sexy- AMV, formerly on youtube.
  • That Iceberg- Dude, he can, like, totally cut that! And it wasn't even on purpose!
  • Oh sorry. I meant, vote Mihawk. [Insert image of Zoro getting pwned here]
  • Puss in Boots- Adorable screenshot of Puss from the movie Shrek, posted frequently by Kitsune Inferno
  • Mihawk has to go use the bathroom
  • The Thousand Faces of Moria- Look how varied he is!
  • Moria Laugh- Kishishishishi!!
  • Moria's Gay- a comic featuring Doflamingo and Moria
  • Moria and Beka
  • Moria will give you waffles. He owns all of the waffle industry.
  • Land of the Dead- Moria AMV
  • LuffyXNami fanart- Notoriously unhelpful, used during Law vs. Nami; This seemed to alienate some people.
  • Haters Gonna Hate (Nami) - Banned by Robby for it's utter lack of imagination and insulting nature
  • Nami is the only Strawhat besides Luffy to get away from God unscathed
  • Miss Doesn't Need A Campaign- Until Round 4, nobody really bothered campaigning for Robin at all. However, in the Usopp vs. Robin match, the winner would be the sole Strawhat to move on to the next round; these high stakes are most likely the reason for such a substantial increase in participation during her match.
  • Nico Robin: A demon never looked so hot before- Another poster made by ponx
  • We could have had a complete "Big Emperor" mecha if not for her ---> She later insists she loved that robot, so vote Usopp
  • Robin is Groovy- She knows the score.
  • Figurines- People posted various, presumbaby official, Robin P.O.P.s and the like during Usopp vs. Robin match.
  • Robin's tin shoes - AMV (first posted by Chrissie)
  • A Vote for Robin is a Vote for Robin Hood- Since when did Robin Hood know how to conjure up rainbows?
  • The excellent scene of Robin
  • Robin Williams says to vote for Robin
  • Strong World Robin- You are going to vote for Robin aren't you? [points gun at you]
  • Fanart- It's not easy to find fanart of Robin that isn't boobs, but at least people kind of tried to find the least revealing ones.
  • Robin dresses in style- Oda draws her in lots of different clothes (collage of various images of Robin)
  • Batman and Robin- Fanart of Robin as Robin and Batman as a... baseball bat? Fuck yeah.
  • Little Robin- When powers and cowboy hats don't get you more votes, Little Robin's cuteness will do the trick.
  • Robin can fly (or at least grow wings) ---> This led to people proving Usopp can fly too [insert Sogeking screenshot here]
  • Robin wallpapers
  • Robin's scary face- Gif of Robin from Thriller Bark after not completing the Emperor Mecha.
  • She saved Usopp- Attempting to break his spine is just what the ungrateful bastard deserves!
  • Free champagne and cookies for those who vote Robin!
  • Face Fleur- Her eyes, nose, and mouth in a repeating pattern that will make you dizzy.
  • Need a Hand?
  • Robin and Usopp Yugioh Cards
  • Robin Voters get free BLTs
  • Robin vs. Yama- This is perhaps her one (and only) good solo fight, but a good one nonetheless.
  • Imma Firin Mah [Wham]: Nico Robin for the sophisticated use of language- That'll teach Kuma to "speak" like that!
  • Yuri- Uh... I think this is the wrong approach to securing votes. >___>
  • A vote for Robin is a vote for archaeology and history!!
  • Robin makes everything better. Even Family Guy- Robin punches Quagmire in the nuts.
  • Robin is so awesome, her hat has a hat, and that hat is the hat of the future Pirate King!
  • Robin managed to escape the strongest military force at the age of 8 and was cool enough to work for Croc (and survive)
  • Golden things- Want gold? Then vote Roger.
  • Roger in a Dress- The best image of the Pirate King
  • Kings- A vote for the King of the Pirates is a vote for all other kings who ever existed.
  • Iceborg's exploding penis- Ambiguous campaign can be used for or against Roger.
  • Samurai- Pictures of iconic samurai posted during Ryuma's match; the most notable one is a Samurai Panda.
  • Monster- Manga shots of Ryuma from Oda's oneshot, usually followed by debate of whether it's canon or not.
  • I Slayed a Dragon Today- 6 panel comic, also two slightly modified versions with Charizard added.
  • Namek Shanks- He can regrow an arm!!
  • Johnny Depp = Shanks
  • A vote for Shanks is a vote for Communism
  • Tom Shanks
  • Go for it!!- Shanks sensei wants you to vote for him.
  • Without Shanks nothing in the story would have happened.
  • "Chuck Norris Voted Smoker" but "Jack Bauer Voted For Roger"
  • "Tell the government (and people who voted Roger) to eat shit."
  • "I'm sorry, my pants ate all your ice cream."
  • Ace and Smoker scene
  • Smoker took the right pill and saved your ass!
  • Luffy admires Smoker
  • Sogeking- Theme song, badass fanart, and "his own show"
  • Usopp Spell, Usopp Pound, Usopp Manju
  • Creator of the Strawhat Jolly Roger
  • You know what time it is- Sogeking Clock ---> Robin wants that clock too.
  • Ground Pound Bitches!!- Usopp used Mario's technique on a Celestial Dragon, remember?
  • Captain Usopp- Earth! Fire! Wind! Water! By your powers combined...
  • Usopp is Solid Snake (and Robin is Samus) - It's showtime!!
  • Cool People Rock the Afros- Afro Luffy, Zoro, Brook, Bobobo, and Afro Samurai all support Usopp.
  • Real Men Continue to Take a Stand- This campaign tends to be re-used for more than one character. but it's still badass.
  • Usopp is fun to be around- Manga collage of great/funny Usopp moments
  • Usopp designed Bepo- Manga chapter cover of Usopp turning a bush into a bear.
  • The True Story of Enies Lobby- Robin tells everyone to vote Usopp after he saves her life.
  • Usopp + Clown-shaped explosion = ?? (No seriously, I'm confused what this campaign's message was. but it was funny).
  • Sogeking Begins- Movie Poster starring Sogeking as Batman.
  • Figurines- People also posted Usopp P.O.P.s, though probably not as much as Robin campaigners.
  • The excellent scene of Usopp
  • Usopp Can Sing- A few of Usopp's character songs to remind you how wonderful his voice sounds.
  • A vote for Usopp is a vote for Heracles
  • Usopp Monkey- If you vote for Usopp, monkey will smile. If you don't, he'll bite your nuts off.
  • Usopp vs. Perona- The man who is here to destroy all hope for AGOG [insert cosplay pic of Perona cringing in fear here]
  • Future Pirate King's best friend
  • Usopp's seiyuu is also the voice of Ranma, Tombo, Inuyasha, L, Raimon Tarou/Monta, Danny, Shinichi Kudo, and Kaito
  • Vote for the guy who has an awesome head, fought Luffy bravely, and defeats fishmen with alcohol and hammers.
  • Vote for the man who challenges admirals with a slingshot and who even ghosts stand no chance against!
  • Soge-Tank
  • One Piece and the Captain Usopp Adventures- Usopp is Indiana Jones
  • Usopp vs. Luffy- Depending on the person, this can be taken as a good or a bad thing.
  • Vote Robin Usopp and brennen will go streaking
  • Kirby Usopp and Mr. Krabs Usopp (Krabusopp)
  • Fatsopp
  • Usopp is the manliest of men, Crocodile's stunt double, a cute thing, and wants to kill Narutards once and for all.
  • A Vote for Usopp is a Vote for Pinnochio ---> Vote for Disney ---> Lion King ----> Lion Usopp
  • The Good Ship Lifestyle- AMV
  • Usopp "The Ladykiller"- Movie poster
  • Cats support sniping. Don't like cats? Dogs support sniping too- Adorable kittens and dogs can wield guns, so be careful.
  • Usopp and Chopper Duet- Robin doesn't have a duet this adorable.
  • Shadow Usopp- Moria decides to give Usopp an upgrade.
  • A Vote for Usopp is a Vote for True Friendship: Even Bon-chan would vote for him!
  • A Vote for Usopp is a Vote for Kaya
  • A Vote for Usopp is a Vote for Awesome Inventors!
  • Robin is acting like she's never seen a time paradox before. Vote Usopp!
  • Dragon wants to go to Sniper Island
  • Usopp took down that jackass Spandam. Robin appreciates it.
  • Usopp gave us Afro Luffy
  • A Vote for Usopp is a Vote for Kaku.
  • There comes a time when a man must fight! That time is when his friend's dream is laughed at!!
  • Usopp loves to party!
  • Luffy and Chopper support Usopp
  • Usoppbeard- Beloved followers, go with him to Sniper Island!
  • All Usopp Asks for is 100 Votes- In the name of true friendship, Bon wants you to vote Usopp
  • Here Come the Three Admirals: Captain Usopp, Sogeking, and Fatsopp'n
  • Usopp Collage
  • Whitebeard Pangea- A little geology lesson
  • Epic Beard (Whitebeard, attempted for Gan Fall, but failed)
  • My Neighbor Totorobeard- Miyazaki-style, only with Whitebeard and friends; another version used with Jinbei
  • Family- Whitebeard sharing sake with close friends and sons is moving in a way that epic pictures can't convey.
  • HulkHoganbeard- Made by ponx. Warning: The picture will terrify you.
  • He pwned Blackbeard
  • Unlikeable characters- Whitebeard pwns them. (Akainu does NOT deserve to be placed at Sasuke's level. Nobody does.)
  • That's historically accurate!!- Robin knows who really created those canyons.
  • The great pirate Edward Newgate- AMV
  • The World needs more Stache
  • He's broken the 4th Wall!!
  • Whitebeard will eventually pop up
  • He destroyed the Berlin Wall
  • Whine Whine Whine! (Ace)- Used whenever somebody complains. Deemed uncreative.
  • Aokiji Snowmister- A Youtube video with a catchy tune.
  • Hats! (Aphelandra campaign. Also used for other females too. Banned due to complaints from female members)
  • Banchi- Dude, it's a turtle and, like, he smokes!!
  • Moms are tough! (Bellemere)- She knocked Arlong on his ass and then jammed a shotgun down his throat.
  • Pedo Bear Bepo
  • Dr. Black Beard- He danced on Ace, looked through the gaping hole in Ace's chest, and kicked Ace into a river
  • Vote Camie! Or I'll Fucking Sue Your Ass!- Ariel the little mermaid isn't kidding you.
  • Eneru's Face- Ya ha ha ha!!!
  • Hina Fail
  • Jango Thriller- AMV made by Urouge
  • Law and Nami Bikini Wanted Posters- Drawn by e1n
  • Pwngoat- goat meme
  • MANGLAZE (Rayleigh)- Kitsune started it all, has led to a bunch of spin offs of this concept
  • Rayleigh the Last Lightbender
  • Okama Sanji (Sanji)
  • Sanji Cooking+Mihawk Cat- A comic used during Mihawk vs. Zoro, known to have gained at least one vote for Mihawk
  • Kamina Sengoku comic- Sengoku+Kamina Shades (Reference to the anime Gurren Lagann)
  • Super ShuShu- Courageously fought an effin' LION out of loyalty. Adorable dogs and Hachi all compel you to vote for him.
  • Anti-SH crew (All SH matches. Very poorly executed until Round 4)
  • Naruto/Bleach references- FYI: It's a pointless, irrelevant, annoying anti-campaign with the possible exception of Butterflaizen
  • Stop the Fighting!! - posted frequently by Gekko
  • Fanservice! Anti-Campaign (Sadi-Chan, Law, Nami, Boa Hancock, Nico Robin.)
  • Character Money- If you vote for this character, I'll give you this wad of money that has a character's head photoshopped on it.
  • Watchmen- AMV movie trailer in which Sogeking is Rorschach
  • Stephen Colbert gifs- Zachri seems to have a hidden stash of these
  • Super Cookie/Pancakes/Waffles/Muffins- You can pretend to receive one if you vote for "____"
  • Share the Urouge
  • Real Pirates' (Zeff)