The first tournament to occur after the Time Skip was announced by eerie, one of the people placed in charge of modding this event. The number of characters in the tourney has been cut down in order to shorten the tournament's length. The first round features 32 matches. Robby was not placed in charge this year but announced that there would be new team-pairings that were separate last year.

How It WorksEdit

Each person is allowed to nominate one character from the manga. Due to a small oversight, the humandrills did not make it into the preliminary matches even though they were nominated. Each preliminary match has 15 characters to choose from in a multiple-choice poll that lasts 24 hours. The top three characters advance to the next round. Whitebeard and the Straw Hats were automatically entered, and past tournament winners made it to the first round by default.


This year's set of rules are as follows:

Rule The First: No Character Bashing. Those of you who have been around for a while should know that by now. There's a fine line between criticizing a character and bashing them, don't cross it.

Rule The Second: No Vote Buying. Offering physical property or cash for votes is strictly prohibited and will result in a ban from the Tournament for that person as well as anybody who profits from such a transaction.

Rule The Third: No Cheating. Use of a duplicate account to increase votes for one contestant is strictly prohibited.

Rules 2 and 3, Section 1. Any poll where the result has been judged to have been altered by such means will be invalidated and the member(s) in question being banned from the Tournament. The method of correcting such a result will be decided by the Event Staff as the situation warrants.

Rule the Fourth: PG-13 Rating. Some people do access this forum from work, so keep that in mind when posting images or video clips. If you have a doubt as to whether something is NSFW, then it probably shouldn't be posted in the first place.

Rule the Fifth: All Votes Are Final. We're not going to change the numbers because you were so busy selecting an option and clicking the vote button that you didn't know who you were voting for. Be sure to read the names before you cast your vote. If you do not kow who to vote for, see what the other members have to say or even just flip a coin.

Rule the Sixth: Leave It At The Door. If you have issues with another poster, then we don't want to hear about them here. Nor do we want to hear about something that is unrelated to the current Match or Round. Off-topic nonsense is strictly prohibited while on-topic nonsense is greatly encouraged.

Rule the Seventh: Banned Campaigns. The following campaigns and means of campaigning have been judged to be stupid and are prohibited: 1. Boob Campaigns. 2. Thinly veiled references to Boob Campaigns. 3. Massive images that are not hidden behind spoiler tags. 4. Any usage of or variation on the phrase "Haters gonna hate." 5. Campaigns that refer to an argument from another part of the Forum. 6. Use of e1n's emo Ace image. The joke is dead and so is Ace. 7. Spamming images and video clips. If there's an image that you like in the thread, then reply to the post in question with a favorable comment; same for video clips. Muliple posts consisting of nothing but the same image or walls of images that are not hidden behind spoiler tags and posts with excessive numbers of video clips will be deleted from now on. If there are several videos that you feel are relevant, then break them up in several posts over several pages. If the thread is long enough that the image/clip is a few pages back, then feel free to put it back up there again.

Rule 7, Section 1. Unsurprisingly, use of banned campaigns will result in the member using them being banned.

Rule 7, Section 2. Banned campaigns are subject to revision as needed. If something is making people feel uncomfortable, it'll be banned. If it's so widespread that it becomes annoying, then it'll most likely be banned.

Rule the Eighth: No Whining. Complaining about results of a match is prohibited. The character you want to win isn't always going to win. It happens. If life was fair, the Lakers and Yankees would never make the playoffs ever again.

Rule the Ninth: The Yankees suck. This is true. Also, all rules are subject to revision as necessary.

Rule the Tenth: Caveat Spoiler. This Tournament is based on the manga. As a result, our anime only members might occasionally receive a spoiler in the form of a character image or name that has not come up in the anime yet. This is unfortunate and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Rule 10, Section 1. Discussion of chapter spoilers outside of designated areas will be punished, as always, by a ban from Arlong Park.

Rule the Tenth: No Trolling. Do I even have to explain this one?

Rule the Last: Have Fun! Ditto.

Memorable MomentsEdit

Preliminary MatchesEdit

Filler Match OneEdit

Category: Best Horror Movie Killer

Jason (36)

Hannibal (48)

The Leprechuan (14)

Freddy (50)

Leatherface (16)

Michael Myers (21)

Pinhead (18)

Billy (19)

Ghostface (32)

The Tall Man (11)

Samara (30)

Chucky (31)

  • Sai-chan and piratemarimo hide together under the bed comforters because they both hate horror films. They are quickly joined by trappedolphin, Dryish, and Tare_chan, thus forming a club full of non-horror things that are happy! Like a TV to watch happy cartoons and Disney films, chocolate, colorful blankets, cushions, and a mini-fridge full of sugary snacks and pop. Armed with frying pans, they enjoy hot chocolate inside of the chocolate fortress built specially by trappedolphin.
  • tigerlilly imparts her wisdom:

- Horror Film Rule # 246: NEVER tell ANYONE where you are hiding, especially not on the Internet. Now there are probably 5 different serial killers on the way to serach for you under your bed comforters right this moment!

- Horror Film Rule # 12: NEVER hide in one spot together! If the serial killer finds your hiding spot, he can kill both of you birdies with one stone. Hide in different spots, so when you see your friend is in danger, you can jump out, punch the killer and have a badass heroic sacrifice. Or, if you're really good, even save both of you! Atleast for the moment...

  • Out of the 155 votes, Freddy won first place by getting 50 votes (32.26%). Hannibal came in close second with 48 votes (30.97%)

Preliminary # 1Edit

  • Chopper is the first Straw Hat to get eliminated
  • Jinbei, Laboon, and Shirahoshi advance to the next round
  • 268 Voters
  • Jinbei won 66.04% of the votes, Laboon 52.24%, and Shirahoshi 49.25%

Preliminary # 2Edit

  • Hattori ties for third place with Gaimon and Sarfunkel
  • Sanji and, surprisingly Kizaru, also advance
  • Kizaru got five fewer votes than Sanji. His outstanding performance is perhaps owing to his recent appearance in the fishman flashback. In years past, none of the three admirals usually perform very well.
  • 355 Voters
  • Sanji won 63.38% of the votes, Kizaru 61.97%, Hattori, Gaimon and Sarfunkel 45.07%

Preliminary # 3Edit

  • 398 Voters
  • Kuma wins by a landslide with 71.11% of the votes, followed by Doflamingo with 55.78%, and Crocus with 49.5%
  • Bellamy and Doflamingo are in the same round

Preliminary # 4Edit

  • 3 Skypieans in this round (Pagaya, Calgara, Wiper)
  • 3 (okay 4) CP9 members (Spandam and Funkfried, Calipha, and Nero)
  • 454 Voters
  • Garp got 77.53% of the votes, Vista 51.54%, and Hachi 49.56%

Preliminary # 5Edit

  • 423 Voters
  • Robin got 68.79%, Tom 65.01%, and Arlong 54.85%
  • Gan-fall in a car gets a new addition: Izou, for added epicness and pimpin'
  • The match was extended due to AP being down

Preliminary # 6Edit

  • Creepiest poll question ever
  • 352 Voters
  • Magellan 67.33%, Bepo 59.66%, and Dr. Kureha 53.98%

Preliminary # 7Edit

  • Match is noted for having big contenders
  • Five animals, including the meme-pwngoat, were defeated
  • 355 Voters
  • Crocodile won 71.55%, Ben Beckman 53.8%, and Akainu 52.11%

Preliminary # 8Edit

  • 342 Voters
  • Zoro wins with 66.08%, Zeff 57.89%, and Ace 48.54%

Has anyone seen my dog?Edit

  • Robby reported that his dog bobart had gone missing. The plot thickens... The mysterious dognapping is revealed to be the work of Don Krieg and Absalom. It is also revealed that bobart is actually female. Everything was a set-up: Preliminary # 9 was halted, to be replaced with the the 15th preliminary match.

KRIEGliminary # 15 Edit

  • Robby was taken over by Krieg, who would yell constantly about his greatness in order to convince people to vote for him.
  • Sai-chan was taken over by Perona, who used cute, sugary treats as incentives for people to vote for her
  • tigerlilly got home and was tied up by Absalom who had broken into her house while invisible. He had bobart with him. Typing with her nose, she begged AP to vote for Don Krieg and rescue her.

Memorable Campaigns/Anti-CampaignsEdit

  • Silver Soul
  • Nia took AP by storm with all of her awesome Hattori campaigns, ranging everywhere from dancing Hattori to cool gifs, hypnottori, comics, various bird footage, singing, and giant chalk drawings which even the police dared not touch. Robby also commented how her avatars looked suspiciously "bobart."
  • Hattori Polka
  • BadassSnoCone's campaigns
  • Holy Hell briefly anti-campaigned Hattori, calling him "a shit," but gave up upon the realization that Nia was no fun to pick on