AP Forums HistoryEdit


His first Avatar, which he was somewhat known for. Due to it's nature of being a cute cat, many members of the forum thought him to be a girl. The avatar is based off Rescue Cat, his favorite Yu-Gi-Oh card. The Omega symbol on the helmet symbolizes his old position as the 2nd Mate of the Omega Pirates.

Test Tiger

His current Avatar, changed after the subject of his old Avatar, Rescue Cat, was banned in the Yu-Gi-Oh metagame. The new subject is Test Tiger, another cat-like card. The avatar also contains the Atheist "A."

Pwnobi is regular member of the forums who one day decided to broach the mature and deep discussion topic of rape in One Piece, and created a thread about it.

One Piece, being a children's magazine, does not really contain these elements, and so the subject was a bit inappropriate, and not well received. The thread was soon closed, but not forgotten.

Now, whenever Pwnobi attempts to enter any discussion, his line of thought tends to be ignored, as people will greet him with the question "Aren't you the guy that made a rape thread?"

Despite the potential embarrassment, Pwnobi carries on proud of his post history, having turned down an offer from the mods to enter him into a relocation program with a new name.

In contrast to his rape thread, he made a few decent threads including the modern "Guess The Character" thread, as well as the "Talk About your / other people's Avatars thread!"


He plays pokémon competitively, which is the subject of his YouTube channel.

He is the "Captain" of a Forum "Pirate Crew," a fad started by Zkaiser with the ΩMEGA Pirates. Former ΩMEGA Pirate second mate himself, he branched out to form the The Ancient Forest Pirates.

Personal LifeEdit

He apparently lives in Florida, and has posted pictures of himself in the "Post Your Pics" threads. Although thought to be a girl due to his initial Avatar, assuming his pictures are legit, he is male.