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Before he became a mod



RobbyBevard is a moderator on Arlong Park forums. He is widely and easily recognized by his husky avatars. Some have said "Yo Robby, why you like them huskies so much?". Well the answer is simple, Robby was raised by the Bobart husky pack. According to Captain Ugly, Robby represents "The Fool".

Real World[]

As a baby, Robby was abandoned in the Antarctic to be raised by the Bobart husky pack. They raised him until he was 16 years old, when he was poached by employees of Antarctic Press, a comic book company, and forced to work there for 12 years, creating comic books. One day, or so the legend goes, while he was going to the Antarctic Press forum,, he stumbled upon the holy land of the Internet,

He shares an apartment together with Candle Jack-


Robby is a member of the group "Posters of Excellence Whose User Names Begin with 'G' or 'r'.", which currently includes Greg, Gekko135, and occasionally guys named Steve. This group name was shortened to POE WON BGR.

During the April Fools' day prank of 2009, (the Luffy-ko incident) Robby adamantly supported the idea that the spoilers and images were real, and got over a dozen members to take up a bet. Upon the reveal that the spoilers were in fact fake, the members had to post the phrase in their sig for a month "I was fooled by the April Fool's prank, and cannot distinguish Oda's storytelling or art from a fake." It is unknown if Robby was in on the joke and pushing it along, or if he was actually fooled. He has since made other wagers with username, avatar, and sig quote, which may have been partially responsible for Makino defeating Kizaru in the 2010 character tournament. (Another joke that Robby later admitted backfired.)

During the APForums popularity awards in 2009, a typo led to Robby's name being spelled "robbybeard". While correcting this typo, his name was changed to "robbybedard". Upon correcting this name for a third time, Robby was left with the name "robbybedfart", which he was then stuck with for the next year. During this time, an alternate, afro wolf appeared bearing the name "RobbyBevard", but Robby swears they are not one in the same.

During the 2011 April Fools prank, Robby invited the entire forum to a viewing of the room, and was partly responsible for temporarily banning approximatley 8,372 members, along with Zephos who became a mod for the day.

Robby gave the world Fu-Dog, the greatest comic character ever conceived.