Romangod is notorious in AP for being annoying. He desires for One Piece to become popular, popular enough for the entire country of USA to make it a cultural phenomenon. However he made a loud bitchfest when he found out that Cartoon Network was canceling One Piece and that the ratings are low. Because of his bitchy whining, he got banned but came back as Smores. To this very day he continues to write shitty posts.


He joined Arlong Park as Romanmack in 2005. He first appeared as a so-called serious debator but most of his posts was pro-4kids. He attempted to "help" fans accept the dub since there is nothing that can be done about the flaws. Instead, he seemingly demonstrated a so-called superior, "I'm better then you" attitude. These actions made people who hates the dub like Batdan struggle the hell out of him. Most of his posts were personal rants and about his desire for One Piece to be as popular as LOST. His arguments, however, are in fact to poorly done, as he never actually puts any thought into discussing things.

Roman is especially found of making broad groupings of anime fans as people who happen to be unreasonable asswipes and other posts containing condescending twaddle of various flavors. When one looks at his posting history (namely that he got shitcanned from a children's comic book forum for being a faggot) one realizes he doesn't really have room to talk.

All in all, a massive dong who nobody of quality likes.