SGRaaize, also known as "SGR" and nicknamed "SGRetarded" by KingofSarus, is a new member of the Arlong Parks not particularly known, but that has been spreading his retardation, unfunny jokes and awesome but random references around Arlong Park Forums.

Birth and BeginningEdit

SGRaaize was born in a house full of stereotypical rich people, but he didn't want to live the rich lifestyle

Thus, SGRaaize ran away from home

However, he found out that he can't live without food

But he forgot his way back home, and he was gonna die, until someone found him on a street, it was none other than the legendary Master Debater, Xico Silvestre


SGRaaize likes to see shit fly, he loves to see arguments, he loves to see humilliation and embarassment, he loves to see people cry, people get banned, and people get owned, he doesn't know shit how to actually do that, so he just watches for the most part and then throws the random unfunny and full of random references post now and then. He also made the awesome Mafia game.


He's dumb


SGRaaize's "catchphrase" (and this term should be used as loosely as possible) is Derp, that "catchphrase" is however, in serious jeopardy, since Brennen.exe's threat of banning anyone who says lulz or derp.


Due to the dumb nature of SGRaaize, he got himself banned by insulting ChikMagnet7, he then created an alt account and got his short ban extended.

TL;DR: He's an idiot


His true leader is Xico Silvestre , a guy who is far more quiet and far more collected, also more intelligent, I guess.