Silverage, also known as Amalgam18 is a misunderstood messiah of the One Piece fandom. Silverage first approached Arlong Park with what was initially perceived to be an unspired pile of garbage called Two Pieces. While he was scoffed at and later banned for trolling, Oda later officially unveiled Two Piece, revealed to take place after One Piece, and will be a collaborative effort between Eichiiro Oda and Gekko135, although the latter is just funding the project, not actually writing it.

Silverage later returned as Amalgam18, and tried to warn Arlong Park of No Piece, another One Piece work, this time a prequel. While Oda has not came forward and revealed No Piece, the vast majority of Arlong Park is convinced that it will be only a matter of time, as the young user has been hailed a prophet by the media.

Here are the summery of these upcoming series:

Two Piece: Is suppose to take place 15 years in the future. The heros of the story are the Straw Hat's children, except Usopp. Silverage claimed that instead of the world being covered in ocean, it covered in desert. Why the fuck the ocean-heavy world would be covered in desert in within 15 fucken years? Of course, Oda said so. Oh and of the world is covered in desert, You'll shutter to think of what will happen to Fishman Island.

Here are the facts he provided about Two Piece:
Two pieces 01

  • Monkey D. Laffy (Luffy's son)

Nico BlueJay (Nico Robins daughter)

U-popp (Usopps Grampa)

Zero (Zoro's son)

Johnny Johnny Cutter (Choppers son)

Chiller Stump(New Thriller Bark)

World Thugs (Poor Versions of World Nobles)

  • I'm not joking I read this from a Shonen Jump
  • What so everyone is not happy about Two Piece?
  • More Confirmed. Eustace Kidd has a sister named Muriel Teen
  • Whats your opinion on the Two Piece characters
  • They are not made up!.

1. Eiichiro Oda confirmed this today in a Shonen Jump!.

2. This series takes place 15 years after One Piece.

  • Thats rude of you I'm not even TROLLING!
  • Boa Hancock has a daughter named Moa hancock.
  • This is how it works.

One Piece=Dragon Ball

Two Piece=Dragon Ball Z

That is pretty cool.

  • In Two Piece Devil Fruits were replaced by Angel Vegetables.
  • Well Eiichiro Oda confirmed this is real so it's not fake. I'M NOT TROLLING!
  • Why is everyone calling me a Troll when Two Piece is a real future series.
  • Two Piece has a new character named BlueBeard.

Afterwards he got banned but he came back as Amalgam18 to sprawl another crap he pulled out of his ass. This time it's a prequel of One Piece that stars Gold D. Roger. Here are his nonsense about No Piece:

  • According to Eiichiro Oda, this series is all about Gold Roger when he was starting his adventures. This is expanding on One Piece chapter 0
  • Why are you saying that?. No Piece is an ongoing series about Gold Roger.
  • I'm happy that Gold Roger is having a series of his own.
  • Why is everyone harsh?. No Piece is cool
  • Why is everyone negetive about No Piece???. WHY!.
  • Confirmed characters.

Greybeard (Whitebeards father)

Silver Tiger (Golden Lions Wife) Two have been revealed

  • Islands confirmed.

Horror Twig (Before Thriller Bark).

Island of common Animals. Anyone impressed

First off, Whitebeard was 50 years old 22 years ago, he does not need a father to take care of him and Gold Lion does not have a wife. And why on earth would Roger's storyline be the same as Luffy's? Would that contradict the main storyline?

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