Steven D. Teach


Moonshine Moderator (Spoiler Board)




Yes Please

Steven D. Teach is a section moderator on Arlong Park forums. Known for his parties, he can often be found naked drunk in the dark corners of the Spoiler Thread. Despite popular belief, he does not actually have AIDS. Likewise, STD is a common misspelling for his abbreviated name, SDT.

Real WorldEdit

Steven D. Teach was adopted by a bottle of beer at the age of three. No information is known prior to this, but it has recently been discovered that his father, Vasco Shot, broke through the fourth wall and impregnated an unknown, but likely Irish, middle aged man... using his nose. Steven can speak English, Japanese, Yiddish, and can read Poneglyphs. Steven has recently moved to Japan to find a wife and stalk Eiichiro Oda.


Steven is most notable for translating spoilers. In the past, he commonly assumed his translations were ass, but through hard work and a lot of liquor he overcame his weakness and no longer needs to defer to Aohige... much. Recently promoted to Senior and section mod for the spoiler forum and character tournament forum, Steven hopes to abuse his power as much as possible to promote his idol, Vasco Shot, even though he already lost in the tournament.