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Birth and the BeginningEdit

Xico Silvestre was born in a small house, his mother died in the process of the birth and his father died in the war.

Xico Silvestre was then taken by a powerful war veteran that was a friend of his father, he taught him the ways of the hero and said that he should never go to war, because defending a oppressive government is bollocks.

Xico Silvestre, now Xico_Silveste, decided to use the skills he learned on public debates, instead, and found a place of debate not only with intelligent people he never saw before, but also with a subject that actually interested him: One Piece.

You could say Xico_Silvestre is a master debater.

He once went up against JERK DISEASE and came out victorious, as JERK DISEASE fiendishly retreated and couldn't reply to his last response, which was brilliant and indisputable. Or maybe he just doesn't care


Contrary to 99% of AP Forums, Xico_Silvestre is calm, nice and collected, when push comes to shove, however, he can be someone very stubborn, and that is willing to commit sacrifices to prove his point, including throwing his friends under the bus

As a FanEdit

Xico_Silveste is a huge fan of Kizaru, its the reason why he started reading One Piece and the reason why he didn't give up on the series yet.

Xico_Silvestre also finds Aizen enjoyable, a opinion that will undoubtly lead to problems further down the line.

Last, but not least, Xico_Silveste still enjoys Bleach, although he hates Naruto.

Famous QuotesEdit

"Aizen is overpowered, but awesome nonetheless"1 .

"Aizen is in fact one of the awesome characters that still exists in Bleach"2 .

"Run someone out of the forum? That's a bit of an exaggeration from you, if I may say"-In reply to JERK DISEASE and other haters who wanted Zoom, an awesome Bleach fan, to stop posting. Unfortunately Zoom was later banned because the Apforums moderators were complete assholes and couldn't comprehend Zoom's greatness like our master debater, although, according to SGRaaize, Xico was simply arguing that driving someone out of the forum because they have different opinions is stupid, and that the mods banned Zoom over his trolling and obnoxiousness, not his opinions.