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Recognized by some as one of the best entertainers of the forum, he appears to be a total asshole to people who are unfamiliar with him, but he actually knows what he is talking about. Sea described him as being acerbic, and theorized that his sexual impotence resulted in his urge to yell at people. With a massive hatred for stupidity, if he sees you say something moronic, he will, without hesitation or regard to the rule, rip your face apart. His aggressiveness and ability to completely destroy anyone who spouts utter bullshit has become an iconic and well loved part of the forums. According to RobbyBedfart, he is one of the funniest and smartest members around - not to mention the most inflammatory- who also has an admirable knowledge in world affairs and history, as can be evidenced by "The Zephos World Safari Thread." 1 Zephos' previous usernames were Deltron 3030, Jakarta, Karate D Frank, The Herald, Tupac's ghost and JERK DISEASE. He is currently known as Monkey King. He is also on a quest on the Maginot Line to become King of the History Teachers.

Addicted to arguments, Zephos views himself as a veteran who lives for the arena with his bans as the medals. He has a good relationship with many of the forum's leaders, because he keeps the stupid members (who can't be banned for being stupid) in check with his extreme methods. As a result, they only ban him when the situation leaves them no choice but to uphold the general forum rules, knowing he will come back soon anyway.

According to Captain Ugly, Zephos represents "The Wheel of Fortune".

Reasons for FameEdit

1. Revealed the true life of Eiichiro Oda- Had tried to tell people about the sad truth behind Oda's life on many other boards, but was repeatedly called a liar. This led to a fear of speaking out in Arlong Park forums. In a recent thread, with the help of some trustworthy Japanese like Aohige, JERK DISEASE was allowed to reveal what he knows. He works tirelessly and endlessly to uncover as much of the truth as possible in order to bring about an understanding of the unbelievable tragedy behind an amazing man to the world. To this day, there remain naysayers and disbelievers of JERK DISEASE's story; fortunately, he has garnered much more support to keep him going.This thread is now closed.Oda thread

2. National Coronation Day: A comic by Zephos about the history of Arlong Park and the foundation of NPC.

3. Zephos vs. Aohige- He got into a flaming war with Aohige a while back. Aohige finally challenged him to a popularity contest between the two of them. This was considered a honor battle between a man and a man. They agreed that the person who lost would leave the forums forever on his own. Zephos ended up losing[1], but at some point returned, claiming to be a girl to justify his return. Up to this day, the gender of this infamous figure remains a mystery which may never be solved.


4. Called the 2 Year Time Skip- Enough said. On a related note, he beats down everyone who bitched about the time skip, denied it would happen, or made references to Naruto as though that made a damn bit of a difference.

5. AGOG- A notorious, obsessive, creepy Perona supporter in the New Nakamates thread who writes super lengthy essays filled with nonsense and logical fallacies to prove Perona will join. He, along with Super Connard, made a bet with Zephos that if Perona indeed joins, Zephos will be IP-banned. Otherwise, they will. AGOG lost the bet, and was subsequently banned. From that day forward, Zephos took the title of "Slayer of Sheonite" (Sheonite being one of AGOG's old personas[2]) in victory.

6. Fake bomb threat: Zephos pretended to send a bomb threat letter to the CEO of Cartoon Network in concern to One Piece in order to mock the users in the Dub threads who were extremely overzealous. The admins took this seriously and he received his first of many bans, as well as the one that chopped his original "Zephos" account. This outrageous incident is well-known among the old members.

7. Kitsune and Zephos Arc: In Chapter 801 of the Arlong Park manga, Kishimoto introduced a new character, Kitsune, to the story. While Kitsune has been a relatively minor character, he recently came to focus in chapter 1069 when Kitsune confessed his love to Zephos, albeit Zephos being oblivious to the situation. As of the current Chapter 1070, which can be read on Mangastream, these feelings have not yet been reciprocated.




According to some theorizers, Zephos was not a real life person, but a mysterious creature born by the Internet. These theories stated that the sheer massiveness of his information allowed him to alter reality, and transform into a human, thus actually gain a real life, though genderless. In November 2010, he is a 22 years old raper disguised as Dr. Doom with a Top Cat furry fetish. Only the member of New Pork City knew his true visage. It glows.

Even the swine flu couldn't stop him,


Contrary to popular belief, he is not black, despite 1000+ hip-hop albums listened to. His sarcastic dad is an American working in the same company with Oda's wife's high school friend's husband while his mom is Japanese.